5 Strategies to Avoid Becoming a Slave of Routine in the Corporate World

slave of routine

Aren’t you sick of your tiring routine? Isn’t it too much to handle all sort of pressures every time? Learn how to cope up using my 5 strategies.

The common manifestation of how the corporate world works isn’t something that we are unfamiliar with. To go deeper, I’m sure all of you have come across the phrase, “History repeats itself” but here the “corporate slavery repeats itself” every day.

This monotonous pattern, heavy pressure, and stretched goals and expectations will lead you to the path of nowhere other than a path of a stressful life. Not only does it interfere with your personal space, but also can be detrimental to your health.

The best part is that you can get rid of your corporate slavery. How?

Bringing you the five strategies that could really be of help. Here we go.

1. Learn to Say ‘No’

A simple ‘Yes’ can automatically turn you into a slave of routine in the corporate world. It’s not your duty to do multiple things in just one go neither you’re a robot. The more you say no to certain things that are out of your context, the better way of leading your life is waiting for you. You may think that it’s a bit selfish to not care about things that can work on your branding at the corporate. But, this isn’t the reality.

The reality of corporate places is far more exhausting than what you can ever imagine. In the reign of social media, the glamorization of jobs and status is increasing day by day. As a consequence, people tend to fall under the web of meaningless demands from themselves. So the first step is to cut off those noises and to focus on your real goals.

Coming to the point. When you learn to say ‘No’ in your corporate life, everything changes. Like-

• You’ll possess more energy to focus on your core responsibilities.

• You’ll get to learn about negotiating certain things of your choice.

• You’ll have better self-esteem.

• You’ll have better self-boundaries.

• You’ll learn to give a systematic approach to your problems.

• People around you will start to value you.

Although the opportunities are more in such a world, at the same time you need to comprehend that what you deserve will come back to you on its way. Just remember, you don’t need to make a rush about everything. It’s completely okay to say no. All you need to do for now is to have proper training in your mind and a way to figure out what’s wrong and what’s right for you. You’ll get the answer right there.

2. Practice gratitude

Believe it or not, practicing gratitude works  to avoid becoming a slave routine in the corporate world. It gives you a sense of simplicity and contentment in your performances and enables you to achieve success without any worries. Now you may ask how to practice gratitude. I’m sharing some of my tactics to practice gratitude every day.

• Feel content in whatever you have in your life.

• Never underestimate yourself. The major cause behind hundreds of your issues is when you start underestimating yourself in terms of your abilities. And, this evolves from the day you begin comparing yourself.

• Meditation can also help you to remain calm and sorted.

• Be kind and supportive to people around you. Not to be over kind, I say.

• Reminisce and respect days of your hardships.

Finally, always stay grounded no matter how much the whole corporate world is harsh towards you for not doing what you don’t feel right to do. There’s always a reason behind whatever comes to you. Just keep moving on with your definition of work. I wish you to bring in the best version of yourself in this way.

3. Be Bold while Taking your Decisions

In the corporate world, taking decisions can be challenging sometimes. But you need not to fear about expressing your viewpoint while taking your decision. Ultimately it’s you to be responsible for yourself. No doubt, it changes the perceptions on you and hence, will either understand you or will not dare to order you.

To be bold and confident in your decisions, you need to remind yourself of following factors that I’m going to mention.

• First, believe in yourself and your capabilities.

• Never doubt about your decisions every time. Be respectful of decisions you take.

• Be more responsible. You should be independent of your decision. Just remember, nobody is responsible for your job and your likes and dislikes. You need to define it in your way for yourself.

• In order to decide, analyse things from all perspectives.

• Think and observe more, talk less. Briefing about your decisions in a concise manner can lead people to take you seriously.

• Above all, have the gut to express yourself.

Whether you follow it or not, you have two options in your hand- either you handle those corporate pressures like a slave or you take your own responsibility like a pro.

4. Take Suitable Breaks: Make time for Yourself

Taking breaks is a must to recharge yourself. And of course, to let those people know that you aren’t a slave who can work day and night to just prove yourself. You’ve got just one life. Make a difference between work and personal life. These are the activities that you should include to avoid black and white life.

• Spending time with your hobbies and interests.

• Switch off your notifications while on a break.

• Nurturing yourself.

• Making personal time with your friends and family.

• Going for short trips.

• A resting day is pleasing. Give yourself plenty of sleep.

If nothing, make 2-3 hours in a day for yourself after the work is done. This is mandatory and the one that you can’t run away from. You have to do it for yourself.

5. Devote Time on Realistic Issues/ Ideas

Why keep thinking about the things that aren’t under your control? Yes, I know right it happens when deep down you have a passion burning inside to learn more and to do something that no one has done before. Yes, I know right, you want to impress your boss by improving your performance. But working on the same idea for hours and hours is equivalent to killing your brain or even yourself for no reason. Even to project your ideas properly, you need time and better space for yourself.

We need to remind ourselves in the world of advancement that we are not ROBOTS.

It’s okay to dream things that you want to achieve. But becoming a slave for that is never a choice. Setting unrealistic goals without any proper implementation and planning can worsen the situation. It depends on the outputs and reputation of the company. More the unrealistic goals you’ll have, the more you act like a slave which results in 100% unproductivity.

To Conclude…

I must say that the arrival of the recent pandemic has taught many corporate sectors a lesson- the importance of well-being, for sure. Since then, the trend of ‘health is wealth’ has restarted with a new definition of work-life balance. A new way of creating efficiency that is safe and friendly for all employees like you.

I hope you’re in the right place with the right people. If not, it’s time to change yourself by following up on my strategies and getting aware of things that can get you out of this slavery.

But I repeat, never be a slave to yourself or anybody in this corporate world.

I’ll like to end this blog with a quote by Abraham Lincoln,

That’s all for today. See you soon with the next blog. Have great days.

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