7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting a Job

not getting a job

Just because you have a degree to show doesn’t make you eligible for a job. The high pace of pursuing education in the last 10-15 years has also led to higher competition in getting a job.

Failed to grab the offer at the last moment in your interview? I’m sorry to hear this but no worries, get ready for the next time. This blog should come in handy in your preparation.

Let’s analyse the Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting a Job

1. Lack of Awareness

Due to lack of awareness, I have seen many falling into the trap of being jobless. Awareness is such a whole thing processed into ideas, thoughts, personality, and responsibilities.

Let me become more insightful.

When you move to a college admission for pg/ug courses, do you often take a deep research into how the college and the course would be helpful in real terms? Or, when you go for a job interview, how often do you read well about the company, employees, and the CEO’s background?

The college from where you are studying implies the standard of academic background, placement, and most importantly, the environment. The course you’re opting for talks about the scope and challenge you might face (although it won’t slightly affect your career as long as you love studying the subject). The job you’re looking for implies the kind of environment and responsibilities you want to keep.

For which, awareness is the key to unlocking different situations, analyzing them, and then going for them if you think it’s suitable. In short, if you aren’t well aware, then the time has come to change your perception and work on your self-awareness.

How? Simply begin researching before you take another step.

2. Not Prepared Enough for the Interview

No matter how much you know, no matter how much you glorify your skills; it will all come down to nil when some other candidate answers questions in a better confident way. Even a fresher with no skills can surpass you if the only difference lies between you and the candidate: the special ability to build connection with the company.

This follows up with common interview questions, your dress sense, the way you talk and express, the level of ideas you possess about the company. I’m certain that you may want to prepare more in one or two factors mentioned here.

That is what you have to gain again to regain the focus back for better chances. 

3. Insufficient or No Specialization

Imagine yourself as an HR who got the responsibility to hire just one candidate for the job. What will you look for at first? The one and the only skills among all other basic information.

This is not the end. Now I expect you to look into the eligibility of the candidate by calculating his/her specialisation in the same field. The one who is fluent at what he does is the obvious person to get hired more quickly. And the one with less specialisation gets omitted.

What can you do about it? Just upskill yourself through:

  • Taking practical courses online/offline
  • Doing internships for industry experience
  • Engaging with different people from the same field
  • Self-studying
  • Collaborating with a mentor

And last but not the least, keep challenging yourself to learn from mistakes, experience, and knowledge. Ultimately, knowledge is the light that always guides you.

4. Cluttered Personal Branding

Your personal branding looks exactly like you. That’s why it has a separate identity to check on during an interview process. Your resume, the detail you put in, your portfolio section, and nowadays your LinkedIn profile is subjected to your personal branding.

Speaking from my experience that your personal branding can be cluttered if you:

  • Don’t add highlighted relevant information in CV/portfolio
  • Don’t keep it look organized enough to grab attention
  • Don’t update often on LinkedIn or Job Sites
  • Don’t stress more ‘About me’ section
  • Don’t embrace little additional achievements
  • Don’t set up a professional picture/background

You must let people know you and offer you the opportunities you deserve the most. It’s your job and you can’t avoid it further.

To know more about how to develop personal branding, check my blog on this by clicking here.

5. You Don’t Often Knock at Opportunities

That is, instead, you demand opportunities to knock at you every time. Whether the traditional way of approaching job opportunities or digital way of reaching out opportunities, no one will spoon feed you; you’ve to do your bit.

I wonder if you might be stuck with the same opportunity more than twice and that’s the most problematic thing to do. Move forward to know more about opportunities that may serve your objectives double than you ever thought.

Believe that there are opportunities out everywhere. Believe in taking opportunities to believe more in yourself.

6. You Don’t Settle for Less

Tell me one more thing: Which one is better as per you? Going for a low salary or no salary? Yes, I can feel what you want me to understand that choosing ambition over career is a different story and has no downfalls.

But what if you can follow your ambition while working. What if you can earn as well as work towards your goal on the other hand? What if you can earn more opportunities with a better position through this job? What if you can re-discover your interests? Will you quit for nothing? Think about it from a logical perspective.

For me, never settling vibe comes from the day you settle for less and that will automatically be transfigured into your desirable outcomes.

So, always go for less especially if you’re at the starting of your career. Also, not to mention, for those who are not the ‘fresher type’, remember at least you will have something to achieve so easily. Kick-start your life again.

7. You’re Not Confident

This is one such well-known factor behind not getting a job. If you’re an under confident soul, you face self-doubt, pessimism, and fear which amounts to another stressful factor. And a whole clan built up one by one.

Again, self-awareness as discussed in the first point plays a major role in this too. That means you’re aware that you’re not confident enough to face the job world and the obstacles you find is this only, but you carry this burden anyway.

One of the best ways to overcome this issue is to think less, do more. Not a good communicator? Repair it. Not great in your skills? Work on it. Not feel okay when you dress up? Correct your dressing sense.

Everything is possible if you bid a goodbye to the negativities and start doing what needs to be done. We all are humans, have flaws, either embrace it if you think it’s fine in its way or erase it to be a better version. Choice is yours.

Some Other Pro Tips

Work on Your Communication Skills: It is not a skill, it has become a part of our daily lives. Write paragraphs, read articles, keep updates, and apply more phrases to be eligible for any job.

Cold-Email Someone Who Doesn’t Know You: This may not work every time but for the sake of experiencing opportunity, why not try your luck? Having said that, an email to someone whom you personally admire for his/her work or personality, it will be easier to write down an effective email that comes from the heart. That’s what most readers like to read.

Ask for Feedbacks by Personally Messaging: Indeed, feedback is a great way of teaching yourself through someone who is expert in the field. And who knows may you get more opportunities after that?


The solution: Learn more, turn it into a process, and trust it because without a consistent process there’s no other alternative path to securing a job.

Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.

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