Expert Tips to Crack an Online Interview

Online Interview

Expert Tips to Crack an Online InterviewAcing a Virtual Interview / How to crack an online Interview ?/ Tips to ace Online Interview / Guidelines to crack Online Interview

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the manner we work — and that includes how we take or give interviews. UNEMPLOYMENT was at a record high, but now the situation is improving as a lot of companies have reinitiated the hiring process. So, if your résumé has caught someone’s attention, you are most likely to hear from them for an interview. The catch is that this time you are not going to be invited to the office; instead, will have a virtual interview.

Types of online interviews

Employers can conduct online interviews using various methods. Before your interview, have a clarity on what kind of interview is expected, find out if the call will include audio or video.

  • Video calls: The most common type of online interview these days is a video call. For fixing up a video call, the interviewer will get in touch with you to schedule a specific time for the interview call via tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts etc. During a video call, the interviewer will be able to communicate with you like they would during an in-person interview. The way to a successful video call is to prepare thoroughly ahead of time.
  • Recorded video: Another method for conducting online interviews is to record a video of yours in which you answer the pre-decided interview questions. To get ready for this kind of interview, the interviewer will send you a list of questions and a deadline. One needs to set up a camera and film yourself while you answer each question on the list and then upload the video and send it across to the interviewer as per the guidelines. Such kind of an interview gives you time to carefully prepare in advance, but it can also be uncomfortable for you, if you are not used to talking to a camera.

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Expert Tips to Crack an Online Interview, Remote interviewing

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Tips for acing your online interview

Interviewing via Google Hangout, Skype or Zoom can be quite different from meeting in person, but you need to change and adapt to the current situation and not blow up the opportunity. To make sure your next video interview goes as smoothly as possible follow the below mentioned tips:

  1. Log in and set up ahead of time: You would not turn up for a face-to-face interview seconds before it is due to start; the same holds true for a Skype or Zoom session. Ensure you start the program and check whether everything is in place, at least 10 minutes before the interview schedule. This will ensure that you are ready and waiting when the interviewer comes online – you need to make sure that you do not keep the interviewer waiting and risk being perceived as unplanned and inefficient at managing your time.
  2. Eliminate Distractions: Mute anything that could interfere with your conversation, including your phone and email notifications on your computer.
  3. Dress for success: While you may be taking the online interview from the comfort of your own home, you should still dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Also, be mindful of what clothing will be in the video frame – for example, if you decide to wear tracksuit bottoms and a shirt, you may regret it if you need to stand up! It is suggested to be in full formals and avoid the situation where you have to feel embarrassed.
  4. Body language is critical – even through the camera: An impression is formed within the first seven seconds of a meeting and your body language plays a vital role in forming an opinion about you by the interviewer. So, make sure you look directly into the webcam when you speak and not at the screen – this will help maintain eye contact as though you are in the room. It will also help you build a rapport during the conversation and will build a natural flow of communication during the interview. Also, keep in mind to smile and sit straight to show the interviewer that you are not nervous while communicating and are engaged in the interview process.
  5. Be engaged when the interviewer is speaking: In order to show an engagement with the interviewer, it is essential to keep nodding and agreeing in between the conversation. Even if you are not comfortable with online interviews, try not to come across as too static or unnatural. Use hand gestures and emote with your face and body in much the same way as you would during a face-to-face conversation.
  6. Be conscious of any time lag: In an online interview, there are chances that you may face a delay or time lag between the interviewer speaking and you hearing their words. In such a situation, it is suggested not to speak over your interviewer and avoid speaking in long blocks. This will assist the conversation to be more natural. To avoid any lag during a conversation one can, ensure a strong internet signal. Station yourself close to the modem or close all the other applications that are running on your computer.
  7. Stay calm if the technology goes wrong: Despite all the preparation, practice and precautions that you may take for your upcoming Skype or Zoom interview, technology can always find a way to surprise you. For example, your internet connection might fluctuate or your microphone may start to play up. It is essential in these situations to stay calm. How you respond to uncertainties when things are not working as per the plan, can reveal to your employer your ability to stay calm and proactively tackle challenges.
  8. Make eye contact: Making eye contact during an online interview is more difficult than you might think. While responding, you should focus your gaze directly into the webcam instead of the interviewer’s face or your own. Maintaining eye contact and nodding, will show the interviewer that you are involved and listening attentively.
  9. Have a backup plan: Technology is notorious for malfunctioning at inconvenient times. Before your interview, be proactive and get in touch with the interviewer and decide mutually upon a backup plan in case of glitches. Do not worry too much if your software experiences an issue. If the issue is genuine, the interviewer will understand and reschedule your interview.
  10. Follow up after the call: This last step is no less important than it is after a ‘regular’ interview. After the interview, send a quick email via your recruiter to say that you enjoyed meeting them and learning more about the role and the company. Conclude the email by saying that you look forward to hearing from them and reinforce your interest in the role.

Video interviews are gaining momentum and are beneficial in many ways to both corporates and applicants. With digitization, the application process has become more flexible and efficient. Thanks to digital progress, even during the pandemic there are hardly any restrictions on conducting job interviews and finding the right employee or your dream job this way.

And the best part of an online interview is that you do not need to worry about a firm handshake! ALL THE BEST and keep the above tips in mind to excel in the next online interview.


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