Kill or Get Killed : Moving up the corporate ladder

man shooting another man

No, this post is not about Wild Wild West or a James Bond movie. This actually is the reality of life as you are moving up the corporate ladder. All the great talks around Team Work and Collaboration during the early years of your career finally take you to a level where killing or getting killed are the only two feasible options.

Is it really that bad at the top? Ask some of the people who have actually experienced it in their lives. And they will also tell you that the reality is far far different from the rosy picture of the top that gets portrayed everywhere which in a way makes us aspire to reach there.

This would make anybody wonder. Ideally as you move up, the journey should be more exciting. Unfortunately, in the corporate world, this does not apply. Ultimately you have to reach the top of the pyramid and as you move up it starts becoming narrower. There is less space and if you want to stay there, either you start throwing others down or they do the same to you. Isn’t that simple?

To make the problem worse, all those who move up, want to stay there and do not vacate the spot till whatever time possible. It is not like conquering a peak and then vacating it for others to conquer. You start enjoying being there… so you have to keep pushing all others down every now and then who aspire to dethrone you.

The reason I am writing this piece is to make people aware of the harsh realities of corporate life. During my coaching and learning sessions, I meet huge number of people who are either not aware of this reality or are heavily underprepared to face the same. All of you, who get excited by those titles of CEO, COO, President, Director, VP, etc and want to have them against your name; take out your guns now and start preparing to shoot. Not only this, also start identifying on who is targeting you !

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