Unlocking the 3 Most Effective Tips to Build a Habit of Something

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In my last blog session, I talked about the three different ways to boost your productivity at work. Today I’m going to frame the same factor from a broader perspective. I would like to throw the limelight on the essence of productivity- building habits. While productivity solves and sorts out our problems, habits connect with the soul of our problems. And, that’s where the significant difference or rather a relationship lies between these two factors for leading a grateful life.

For now, I’m certain that you all must be aware of what today’s blog session would be all about. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Unlocking the 3 Most Effective Tips to Build a Habit of Something

Note that: These 3 most tips of building a habit may or may not work for some of them as we all are bound to have different perspectives. So, consider reading these 3 tips as my perspective rather than my preach.

1. Find Out ‘Why’ You Want To Build a Habit of Something

In a world where people easily get impacted by cryptic posts of creating habits, you can be the saviour of yourself. How? By applying the foremost practical tip to build a habit that is a difficult yet simple to-do. That is, find out ‘why’ you want to do so. The undeniably most important question to ask yourself at any stage/moment of creating/recreating/implementing any habit.

So, why do you want to build a habit? Is it because you want to build a habit? Or, is it because you have to create it for the sake of someone or something? I bet you’ll get the answer by stopping over the same spot a maximum of ten times. I feel, building a habit of something should come up with a purpose that you need to resolve at first before you allow everything else to be put on the table.

Just suppose if you’re keen to build a habit of reading books, here are my three reasons to search in your answer:

First, you wish to read books to explore and be a better version of yourself.

Second, you want to earn more knowledge to create a better impact.

And finally, you desire to add an activity that seems little or more promising as well as fascinating to you. Do it then.

If any of my above reasons match with your reason to build a habit of reading books, then you’re definitely seeking the right path. Similarly, from now on, whenever you want to build a habit, ensure that you research about it at first before you inculcate it. Trust me, it will wow you like no other strategy will.

Remember, any activity that you’re compelled to do always carries along with a bad vibe in the end. Thus, choose the ‘right habits’ wisely to get adapted to them without giving much effort. As habits require no effort other than a strong purpose and mindset. Find it out!

2. The Push and Pull Theory of Building a Habit

Now, what if you have to develop doing something irrespective of how much you dislike owning it as your habit? What if you don’t know the proper way to manage the line between time and habit that you chose to do? Here comes the push and pull theory of creating a habit.

Push theory of building a habit implies you have to do it no matter what. In the end, habit is a habit and you can’t ignore it either. For instance, if you’re a writer, you have to develop the habit of reading: the very source of extracting knowledge. Or, if you have gained a lot of weight, then you need to set up a structural routine to lose weight, you have to wake up early and get ready. So, ultimately you have to do and for that follow my simple ways to apply the push theory of building a habit:

• Divide the task into smaller tasks. Simple as that.

• Keep yourself out of your comfort zone to get easily compatible.

• Take frequent breaks to gain back the focus again and again.

Pro tip: Never try to hustle in such cases. It’s suggested to take deserving breaks and start with taking small steps aka the incarnation of taking big steps. So, don’t fall back and be consistent which is the key to success.

Pull theory of building a habit implies you wish to do something that interests you. Similar to the first tip of building a habit and having nothing to do with what you have to do. Easy to instil your mind into introducing such habits because that’s what you love. But, sometimes it’s not always as easy to execute as it looks. Here’s sharing another bunch of tips to follow under the pull factor:

• Choose the difficult tasks over the easier ones on the first go.

• Don’t listen to your brain serving you manipulative thoughts. 

• Do it now to avoid procrastination later on.

Pro tip: Create a schedule to stick to your new habits.

Behind every push and pull factor of building a habit, there’s a much-needed willingness that keeps us going and keeps us creating habits. As said,

“No will, no gain.” So, believe in that.

3. Be with Greater Minds

It’s said that you tend to generate a better version of your habits when you’re with the great minds. Crack the best output of your habits by following this last and the final tip to build a habit of something. If you’re serious about building new habits, then this is a must-to-do step to follow. 

The term ‘influence’ has a lot to do here. Think about great minds such as Albert Einstein, APJ Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs, etc., who evolve different habits by themselves or through their friends or team of greater minds.

To sum it up, here are the possible benefits that you’ll get by befriending with greater minds:

Gives a clear understanding of which habits are good to go for yourself.

Increased curiosity.

Faster compatibility.

Stronger growth mindset.

Helps to construct your ideas.

Proven recapitulation of the newly made habits in just 30 days.

And, that is it.

To Conclude…

Sometimes habits are mistaken for building patterns which is not what it is in reality. Understand that “getting up at the right time” and “getting up at the same time” have a difference. Thus, I believe, going through the same old pattern for years and years is super boring and possesses no goal or ambition. Whereas creating habits does make a sense in a powerful way.

Anyways, it’s time to bid goodbye to you all. Most importantly, I hope that this blog has somewhat done its job to  make you able to connect with your new habits.

For more such updates, follow me on Instagram today. See you in the next blog. Till then, keep going.

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