Passion vs Money: Should You Choose a Job You Love or One That Pays?

Passion vs Money : Should You Choose a Job You Love or One That Pays?

Choice between Money & Passion / Should You Choose a Job You Love or One That Pays / How to make a choice between Passion vs Money ? / Guidelines to make a choice between Passion vs Money

Which is more important in choosing a career: Salary or Passion, Career growth and Opportunities? What do you desire to accomplish through your career move/choice?

When deciding upon a career, there are many aspects that influence your decision making. Apart from the small issues like the office location or travel time from your residence, the infrastructure available etc.; there are other important factors as well like the salary offered, your passion and career growth

To make a choice between your career growth and the earnings has been an ancient puzzle that still bothers the minds of employees all over the globe. The stakes are high as only a few fortunate professionals are able to find a job that fulfills both the requirements.

Think about the dissimilarity in viewpoints of both new hires as well as that of exiting employees.

Many freshers discern a vision for their new careers. These new employees are visualizing how they see themselves in the organization now and in the future. The prospects are endless and their zeal is contagious. What surrounds this vision – is it pay? Definitely, that is a part of it. But they also are enthusiastic about growth, development and a promising career path.

But what about the ones leaving the company?  They no longer see themselves learning and developing in their existing role. As a matter of fact, instead of looking to the future, they have typically spent a lot of time focusing on the past and have determined that the “opportunity” they once had, has now diminished.

Making Money vs Doing What You Love: Things to Consider When Choosing

Both the options have their pros and cons and sometimes deciding between the two can seem like a mission impossible. But that should not be the case and it won’t be, if you study your options closely and decide based on facts and feelings equally.

At the end of the day, is your fulfillment and ability to say that you are happy with your choices, not the most important thing?

However, it is not that easy. One has to consider many things before making such an important decision of your life and that is – Which path do you follow? Individuals examine all sides carefully and then decide how and what one should be doing.

  1. Earning Potential: Before jumping into an area of interest, one should consider the financial benefits it offers. There is a possibility that your passion has great pay potential in store for you. On the other hand, you should also not give much weightage to your passion (not asking you to forget it) when you know you won’t be able to afford it. You can always treat it as a hobby and make money in some other field.
  1. What You Want From Life: This is honestly the most critical element in your decision-making process. Maybe you want to convert your passion into your profession or you might want to keep it far away from your responsibilities and only enjoy it in your free time. There is no wrong or right, it’s just your point of view. A little idea on what you want from life might assist you to arrive at a conclusion on this dilemma.
  1. Age Group: In general, it is much easier to test different things and gain new skills when you are young. As a student or a fresh college graduate, you can volunteer or join many internship programs to learn how different industries, companies and organizations function.

    However, people who are in their mid-age and have family responsibilities should definitely put money at the top of their priorities because there is no time to waste anymore. And they certainly can learn new skills or practice them in their free time.
  1. Consider Long Term Goals If none of the previous suggestions work for you, then you could think about the long-term goals. How do you see yourself in the next 10 or 15 years?

    Focusing only on your present is hard to imagine. Who doesn’t require a substantial budget to sustain in life, which is why career growth sounds like a more reasonable solution to most people.
  1. Sometimes, You Can Do Both: Doing both does not have one final meaning. It could be possible that your dream job just happens to be one that makes you more than enough money or that you make time for your passion at the same time as following a different work pathway. Maybe you get lucky and make money from following a passion that you thought will take you nowhere or you happen to fall in love with a job that you didn’t feel strongly about at first, the possibilities are endless.

Choosing between Passion or Pay can sometimes send you into coiled thoughts that are hard to get out of. However, it is an important decision of your life. When making this choice, you should evaluate all the pros and cons that come with either of the possibilities. From money and stability to happiness and fulfillment, these all play a role in this riddle. But, most importantly, remember to listen to the logic and your heart simultaneously, because they generally come up with the best verdict when in sync with each other.

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