Earning More Money | 6 Reasons To Earn More Money?

Earning More Money

Traditionally, it has been suggested that “money can not buy happiness.” However, this is not always the case. There is no denying the fact that money is not everything, but the reality is money won’t make you unhappy either. A well-researched study conducted by Princeton University in 2018 positively concluded that earning more money directly relates to emotional well-being. 

It would be best if you minded that politically correct sayings wouldn’t come to your rescue when an emergency arises in your career or when your business or startup faces a grave challenge. The money you accumulate today will undoubtedly be of any use in the coming days.

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Do You Really Want The Alternative?

The alternative of earning more money- not having enough money and, worse even, being broke- is not that attractive proposition. How can you think of self-development and growing your career if you lack the resources or credit? Remember that not having enough money is just like driving a car that lacks an emergency brake. You are surely going to crash if an urgency arises (be it related to health or career).

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Money Brings Freedom!

It is undeniable that financial freedom brings freedom to make choices. If you have money in the bank, you do not need to worry about what to buy or the roof over your head, or the doctor you need to see if you get sick. In fact, this freedom opens up new avenues of career growth and an increase in income. It is often said that money makes money which means that if you make enough money to invest it somewhere with good prospects, you will surely make more money.

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Inflation Is No Less Than A Thief

Many notable economists have suggested that the problem of inflation is actually inevitable. To put it simply, the prices of commodities, services, housing, insurance, etc., increases over time. This is the reason why inflation is generally referred to as “hidden taxation” because it is taxation on spending. You do not observe it in the money you earn, but in the money you spend. What is even more problematic is that it can eat up a massive chunk of your savings. Keeping all this in mind, you need to earn more to build on a better future for you and your family.

It’s An Offer- If Not You, Someone Else Will Grab It

What will happen if you do not lay claim over your share of money and let it go? Well, it is an offer, and someone else might grab what ought to be yours.  It is straightforward that why would you let someone else take your share of the money. It does not sound right. Most of those who cry foul of not having enough money is actually not staking their claim on what is rightfully theirs. Thus, they must focus on the ways of accumulating the wealth that they can grab without any relative misgivings. Always remember that money wants to be active, and it circulates from one person to the other. Think why not is it circulating towards you.

It Is A Virtuous Circle: Money-Happiness-Money

The Princeton study and other market researches have convincingly produced that money is an essential aspect of happiness in one’ life. However, it is also equally valid that emotional wellbeing is crucial for making more money. Thus, it becomes a virtuous cycle where making more money leads to happiness and joyfulness in your life lets you make more money. To put it simply, if you earn more money, it is apparent that you can spend more money to upkeep your health. In turn, if your health is good, you will have a positive approach towards work, which would lead to promotion and a salary increase.

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Earn More Money To Secure Retirement

Although it is a common saying that ‘life is short,’ this certainly is not the case with money. Unfortunately for many, people out-live their money and savings. Better health prospects have created a fortunate situation where life expectancies have increased. However, this also means that people need to be more aware of their retirement plans. There comes an age when you can not expect your body to carry out even simple physical tasks, let alone a day job. Thus, you must work today in such a way as to save money that can be utilised after retirement.  

The Bottom Line

Therefore, you need to male earning more money your mantra. Also, learn to avoid the naysayers and their opinions. If you want to be happier, this article has listed enough reasons to make a case why earning more money is a rather crucial aspect.

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  2. I appreciate the emphasis on identifying and capitalizing on trends and market opportunities when pursuing money-making ventures. It’s a proactive approach to success.

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