What is Stopping you from Earning 1 Crore Salary? Find Out & Start Today [Part 10]

Life is all about making choices. When life presents a situation in front of us, we always have a choice to say – I will take up this challenge or I won’t take up this challenge. Our future success depends on the kind of choices that we make and these choices either make us or break us.

When I presented the challenge in front of you where I said that we are going to get on a journey to earn an eight-figure salary; the choice was up to you, whether you want to be a part of this journey or you don’t.

Whether you want to give up at the beginning itself or you want to be a part of it and see what best you can make out of it.

The choice is still yours.

What is really Stopping You from Earning 1 Crore Salary?

Well, this is the last part of our blog series where we are trying to get on a journey to earn a one crore salary per annum. You can read this blog in continuation of the earlier nine parts, or you can read it independently as well. Some very interesting inputs are going to come your way in this blog, and they could even make you read all the other nine parts. So, this is your opportunity to get on a journey to earn an eight-figure salary if you are not already a part of it.

Now, let’s first talk about the five-point action plan that we had prepared earlier. We have already discussed four points in the last few blogs and now we are on the fifth point. I am not going to cover this point in detail as you go back and read the third part of this blog series. I have already covered it in detail there.

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But just to recall you, in the fifth point of our action plan we were supposed to ask ourselves three questions. Here are the three questions;

Q1. What makes our services valuable?

Q2. What qualities or characteristics do we have that make us unique?

Q3. What are the accomplishments that we had in the last six months that stand out?

Note that: I would strongly urge you to put the answers to these questions in writing because the fifth point of our action plan is all about trying to answer these three questions regularly. Be honest while answering and not just honest but be critical of yourself while answering these questions.

But, How will You Implement it?

Just keep repeating this process as we go along on this journey, and ensure that while the answers may not change on a day-to-day basis but for a month, two months, a quarter or six months, you must be adding more accomplishments, characteristics, qualities to yourself which in turn will help you stand out. You must work towards becoming unique in your workgroup where the company in which you are working or the managers with whom you are working are forced to consider you differently from others.

This will help you earn a much higher salary and ultimately it will support your journey towards the crore club, the eight-figure salary mark. So, you must complete the fifth point of this action plan and you should keep repeating this activity on a regular basis.

How to Monetize the process of earning 1 Crore Salary?

If you remember that I had started this blog by telling you that we all have choices. The choice that you have in front of you is whether to have this desire inside you to earn an eight-figure salary, to earn 1 crore salary and make efforts towards that. Or you can straightaway say that this is one goal that looks unattainable.

You do not see yourself achieving this in your career. Many of you have written to me after going through the earlier nine parts of this blog series. There are different kinds of reactions that I am getting from people. Some people feel that it is a very practical guide, some people feel that it is very difficult to achieve and so on.

But, let me tell you that by following the roadmap that I have given you, by following the 5 Point Action Plan, a lot of people have been able to reach towards the “Crore Club” or even have attained the eight-figure salary which we are planning to achieve through this journey. So, it is DOABLE and I want to build that belief inside you.

First, I want to tell you that while you have a choice to be a part of this journey or not take up this journey at all; but it’s doable and it’s possible to earn one crore salary by following the structured approach which I have laid out in this blog series.

Second, I want to highlight in front of you is – one crore is just a number. My whole objective behind writing this blog series is to build ambition inside the readers. The whole objective is to make you think that you can achieve something big in your life and career. One crore figure is just a goal. There could be people who are already earning one crore. That does not mean that they should stop there themselves. They should try to earn five crores by following the same model.

So, my whole objective behind writing this blog series is to build that ambition inside you, to create that desire inside you, where you start believing that by following a structured approach it is possible to increase your salary multifold. It is not about reaching that one crore number only.

 If you are earning 10 lakhs today, in five years if you are able to earn 50 lakhs, I think it will be a great achievement. What I am telling you is that in the normal course your 10 lakhs could have become 20 lakhs or 25 lakhs but by following a structured approach, you will be able to earn much more than many other people who would not take up this challenge and end up being where they are or would just make small incremental movements.

So, it is all about building ambition, creating desire and then being able to achieve that exponential growth that is possible to achieve by following this model.

And last but not the least, what I want to tell you is – when you have a massive goal in front of you, sometimes it creates fear inside you. Some amount of self-doubt also gets built and that is the reason if you have a structured approach if you break that large goal into small parts; it becomes much easier to achieve the same. In this whole blog series, my objective has been to break this large goal of learning an eight-figure salary into small parts on which you can focus regularly.

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My Key Takeaways

So, my submission to you is – Do not look at the larger goal straight away.

Look at what you need to do every year, look at what you need to do every moment, every 30, 60, 90 days and then keep moving ahead and start achieving small goals first. Ultimately you will realise that by achieving those smaller goals, by the sum of parts; you will be able to achieve your larger goal, which at the first sight was looking unattainable.

For me, it has been an enjoyable journey writing this blog series and revisiting some of the principles that I have personally followed and helped more than 5000 people to follow and reach the eight-figure salary mark. If I can add the next set of 100K, 200K or 300K people to follow a similar kind of model and achieve this kind of abundance in life; that will be the greatest satisfaction I will have. So please join me in this movement and become a part of it.

Start your journey towards the crore club, towards an eight-figure salary today! For more updates, take the ride of my Instagram account by just clicking here.

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