7 Mistakes of My Corporate Life

Mistake Quote, Make better mistakes tomorrow

7 Mistakes of My Corporate Life – These are career mistakes you should stay away from this year in your Corporate Life.

  • Believing Job Profile is more important than Money while evaluating offers

It doesn’t matter what you do, you can always decide what to write in your CV… and you are benchmarked only by what you get

  • Having faith in my bosses that they will take care of my career

Sadly they were busy taking care of theirs

 I only ended up screwing all parameters on my medical tests

  • Thinking you need to know your subject well, should come out as domain expert

 If you work with people who don’t know theirs, who cares

  • Believing my bosses have an open-door policy and they appreciate exchange of views in a transparent manner – try this at your own peril, results take time to show up, till you hit appraisals
  • Feeling great when being told that my subordinates respect my leadership qualities and they learn from me continuously 

Why should they not say this… is there any other script appropriate for them?

  • Respecting people with more experience and who are above me in the hierarchy

This is not a family, just respect the person (or give him/her the feeling) who impacts your career

Conclusion – Avoid these mistakes in your corporate life and focus on keyskills in your dream career to achieve bigger milestones.

Read about my corporate journey here.
Which point do you think you may adapt immediately, comment down your vision about the same.

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