Negotiate Your Salary like a Pro

negotiating salary like a pro

9 tips that will help you get a higher salary

Negotiating pay is a rather icky, but an absolutely essential task. It is a discussion and you need to come out of on the high ground. Pushing for a higher salary is necessary whether you are a new joinee, expecting a promotion or due for increment. The salary you will be offered in your next job certainly depends upon the salary you were earning in your previous job.
Here are some tips to Negotiate Your Salary like a Pro

  • Do your research
    Firstly, find out your value in the market. You will have to research extensively on how much value the job market places on the position you have applied for in the industry you will be working in. So know your market worth and state it confidently. Tell the employer that you know the range in which the job you are looking for pays (for eg: 3 LPA to 5 LPA), and then explain why you deserve to be on the higher side of that range. There are quite a few websites that will help you in figuring where you stand in the job market like,,
  • Preparation is Key
    Once you know your number, PREPARE. Make notes of what you want to cover in the discussion at the same time. Recite what you want to say looking in the mirror. Most importantly, believe that you deserve the raise. Your employer will surely throw curve balls at you because they want to pay you less. You have to stay confident and stand your ground when this happens. And for that, you need to truly believe that you deserve to make more money. Dress well, listen to upbeat music, work on your posture, eye contact and as a result CONFIDENCE will get you through this.
  • Pick your time wisely
    If you are going in to ask for a raise, do not pick a time when the climate in the office is heated. Choose a time when you know that your boss is quite happy with you and the performance you delivered. The memory of a good performance is fresh and thus you are more likely to get that raise.
  • Express Interest
    If this is a new job you have applied for, let the person across you know how grateful you are for the opportunity. They need to know that you are actually interested in the job and not just waiting for a better offer to come around. Say something like, ‘I am very excited about this opportunity’.  Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich describes perfectly why expressing your interest in the job is so important.
  • Always state a higher amount than you are looking for
    You have to state a high amount as the employer will find a way to bring it down no matter what. If you state a high amount you can meet them in the middle where both of you are happy with the negotiation.
  • Highlight your achievements in writing
    Bring your achievements in writing when you enter the room to discuss the salary. Highlight all your best attributes. Specify what you have done over the years for the company, or in your previous job. Make it a point that your boss remembers how important you have been for the company.  
  • Convey your interest in the future of the company
    It is not just about what your previous performances, but also about what your target is for the future. You are only as valuable as your work. Elaborate upon what your goals will be in the future of the company. This will let the boss know that you are still excited and motivated to do more and better. Once you have their trust, your will have your pay rise.
  • Be ready for a rebuttal
    When you list your achievements, the employer may shine a light on the cases when your performance was not quite up to the mark. You need to be ready when this happens. Prepare answers for such rebuttals and try to steer the conversation towards a more positive part of your tenure.
  • Be collaborative
    Always express that you want to work out the right amount. You don’t want to come off as entitled as it would be off-putting to the employer. This does not mean you should give in to whatever amount the employer suggests. This is a collaboration you both want to benefit from. They want to hire a good talent and you want a satisfying job with a good income. Do not rant about yourself. Let them speak. Read the room and take your time to carefully answer the questions they put forth.

The employers are used to dealing with people asking for higher salaries and they have their own tactics to cut down the negotiation in their favor. What they care about is profits. The only thing they cannot resist is the promise of the future. If they see true potential in the employee, they will show more flexibility. So use the above tips to put your full potential on display!
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