7 Best Strategies to Design Your Career

Want to have a lucrative career? Well, designing or ‘the planning part’ is critical for every career. The purpose behind it is to adhere to the plan till you make your own definition of success. To me, strategies are like a small half dimension of the kind of career you want to build and hence, in every step we make strategies to design our career regardless of how great or worthless it can be as a result, we have to create it anyway.

Today something similar to this I’ll be sharing my viewpoints on:

7 Best Strategies to Design Your Career

Before that, I want to ask you – how many times you really sit back and plan your career? Building strategies to design your career is as underrated as keeping up with the strategy nowadays for reasons, such as:

One, the glorification of a career made on social media dismisses all other unavoidable factors included in a career.

Two, some youngsters often think that it’s cool to have no plan because having plans is boring, leading to futuristic dreams of illusion.

Three, gone are the days when the ability to go through risks beyond the limit pays heed.

On the other hand, the best strategies derive from the best mindset and a strong will to learn and cope up with every situation. Note that whatever the strategies I’ll be sharing are useful for life purposes and have nothing to do with your future other than your present. Strategies are backup plans that offer a chance, an alternative idea to a project that may happen as a saviour to you at the time of the abomination. Always get that done as soon as possible.

Here I go:

1.Identify Your Best Three Primary Skills

Let’s analyse the fact that every human has the best three skills-what are those? Differs from person to person. How to identify it? By listening to your gut feeling. The originality of what you love, who you are as a person, and what you want lies in there.

All you have to do is just go a little deep into your perception. Though in a time of chaos that is overly consumed by internet sources, relevant or irrelevant or both, indeed it is difficult to propagate your best skills on your own.

But I can help you out, take a quick look at some of my effective suggestions.

For that, earn a part-time/full-time job of any designation based on your moderate interest.  It does not necessarily have to be something that comes out of passion. It can be anything that you enjoy little or more in your day-to-day life. Start with this whole confidence and you can see the visible changes within 30 days, I guarantee you.

The next step is to jot down your observations every month while you work under any company/local business. Well, no introduction is needed; writing down your feelings of what you’ve observed to date implies the strengths and weaknesses you discover from your baby steps taken while pursuing any kind of job, even volunteering help.

Be watchful about how you start your day-solve half of the problems you deal with while sorting out your strengths and weaknesses. You may doubt and ask, “how?” Yes, it is sometimes possible to determine simply by identifying consciously about the first three-four activities you enjoy doing. Or, to welcome procrastination as an obstruction to your daily routine. Both have one key, which is, to nurture self-awareness to make the best out of your day.

Don’t be afraid to try out new things in life. Because who knows anything can happen. The skills that you eventually dislike can become one of three primary skills that you would like to take forward later on. So, always ignore what others might think, negative or positive, just focus on developing new things, try them, and live your life heartily to discover yourself again and again.

The SWOT analysis cross-checks the internal and external factors besides evaluating your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. For better results, practice it with a person by your side- it can be your guardian, mentor, or a trustable partner of yours.

And the list of methods goes on. But one common factor exists almost everywhere, whenever you try to find your best three skills, and that is- never stop exploring.

2.But First, Rule Over the Basics

Going through the basics until you grip in is a deserving chapter to come first. The best part is you can learn from the beginning anytime at your convenience, showing that you always have a chance to pursue your dream career or maybe it can be your seasonal career, but you can’t neglect the basics either in both cases.

Therefore, building the foundation to be the best of the best in terms of accountability, essential habits of success, knowledge, and integrity all together forms the ‘basis’ of your career.

3.Create a Backup Plan for Every Backup Plan

If plan A doesn’t work, Plan B is there. If Plan B fails, you have plan C… to be continued till plan Z. That is, create a backup plan for every backup plan. Only ensure that all your backup plans comprise a meaningful purpose, hard work, and responsibility with full cooperation expected from your side to make it to the final.

A great way to start and a great way to finish with designing your exact career, backup plans are right there for you.

Not to mention that with the increased pace of adaptability issues to the newly emerging digital technology or say meta verse, having backup plans can enable you to drink water from shore to shore to be the better one from the other. In case you’re stuck in the same place, push yourself daily to carry this insight of taking over two backup plans to find the new you with new lively solutions.

How to get started?

  • Go on critical thinking for 30 minutes
  • Surround yourself with a quiet ambience to ponder
  • Think what suits you the best for now if you take up this backup plan
  • Mark what are the pros and cons according to your latest situation
  • Try to find out why and how this backup will help you
  • Observe your level of assurance you might have
  • And listen to your gut feeling, none can be better than this.

Trust in your decisiveness, bad or good, remember:

“Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions”    -Mark Twain.

4.Work on your Portfolio/Resume Making

Your portfolio and your resume are the primitive souls of the entire process of designing your career. HRs love to see the documentation of your CV/portfolio in detail and thus it is your duty to keep it up-to-date, solid, and professional on an annual basis. Whatever you did, from big to minor achievements, include it. As simple as that. Else you too will fall under the typical category of candidates with no progress, only regret.

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Everything takes time as we know. Similarly, building your portfolio/resume underlines your professional character that surely doesn’t happen overnight. It requires space and time to fill in that gap with the right keywords, accomplishments, and features. So, take enough time to review and update.

5.The Networking Strategy

99% of your success is sure of how well you deal with people. When it comes to dealing with people, networking is often brought to the fore. And personal branding does the rest of your job through the means of your connections. The networking strategy is mainly divided into three sub-categories:

  1. Being with People of the Same Ambition: When I say this, it means that you should have the kind of circle involving ambitious people with a mutual understanding of sharing knowledge and respect. For me, it’s the most wholesome strategy ever. Having said that, such networking is found rare in reality.
  2. Being with People of Different Levels: Now this is for those who are curious to learn more and go to the depth of their skill. If you are one of those, never hesitate to shoot them a message of your doubt, ask them, or just approach them for better growth of your connection.
  3. Being with People with Better Connections: Here it means to join people who serve better connections because they have the gem: belonging to a larger community. Try to talk to these people, it’s worth it more than what you’ve learned.

That is it, your connection is ready to serve you as well as you serve them with your projects, pitch them when needed, and transfigure few into the building blocks of your career. I believe there will be some who will try to see your story behind the trailer, prioritize them.

There should be ‘no wait’ if you haven’t started yet. Show the world who you’re along with keeping in mind that networking is about quality, not quantity.

6.Prefer Keeping a Notepad

Every time you give your energy to the work, or working on a project or going under any rejection, you must have one notepad to follow up. Keeping a notepad is highly efficient and has become a go-to part of everyone’s journey.

No matter how much you are facing unproductivity right now, track record your career journey by writing your mistakes, achievements, also create to-do to manage workloads and self-determination in the way that you’ll be glad to welcome it as a part of your success.

Because memory grows 2x faster only in two circumstances: one is when you write and another when you read aloud.

7.You Probably Need a Mentor/Course/Consultations

Taking guidance is subject to these three cores of any successful career: a good mentor, a prolonged career, and a counselling-like consultation. This is a must exercise you need to do before surfing through your career path.

I said it in the ‘must’ way because it is. To find yourself, you must adhere to any of two of these methods to beat off your doubts regarding success. Behind widening down your career path and all other factors, its greatness remains a question if it doesn’t satisfy your expectations.

Thus, setting time separately for researching to determine whether the course which you want to pursue or the mentor with whom you’ll be investing your time is at all worthy or not. In the end, that’s all that matters.

When your mind and heart both say yes and you feel the perfection in match and mentality, go for those courses/consultations for a long term benefit.

Other Best Strategies to Design Your Career

  • Shove Away from Comfort Zone: Get rid of your comfort zones unless and until you’re done with designing your career. Your comfort is your greatest enemy from where you can learn nothing and end up standing like a tree. To do so, correct the environment where you’re living, raise above your standards, be willing to participate, and patience is the key.
  • Know that You Can Manage Everything When You Can Manage Time:Master the art of managing time very well as it essentially becomes the key to doing everything by yourself. Begin this with honouring every minute you get to prove yourself in the roadmap of your career.
  • Do Internships: To stand out in any field, internships are the best form of designing your career from scratch.
  • Rest Proof Yourself: A 30 minute nap or full-time break in a day can help you to get done with hard to hard work. Reset to see faster progress in a shorter period.

To Conclude…

Strategies won’t work best until you make them best and that depends on you. Let your new beginnings completely sink into this often spoken about topic.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this systematic blog on the 7 best strategies to design your career.

See you in the next blog and I wish you all once again a mindful Happy New Year!

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