Internships & Part-Time Jobs: All You Need To Know

internships or part-time jobs

The best route to look out for opportunities is only through internships. Efficient, safe, and reliable.

No wait, what about part-time jobs then? Are not these modes of working equally capable? Another conundrum is yet to be unraveled for my dear newbies who will be landing soon in the job field.

That is, which one to choose: internships or part-time jobs?

To make you comprehend, this blog will render you with a less comparative, more elaborate approach to everything you need to know about internships and part-time jobs. 

Have a good read. 

What do we mean by Internship?

Internships can’t be better defined than one of the baby steps taken during our first round, a reflection of a job, and an exposure as well that familiarizes you with training, collaborations, and responsibilities.

Ranging from unpaid to paid versions, it has indeed become an all-in-one tool to master your mind, present your ideas, create an experience, and embrace who you are and most importantly, who you want to be. 

Where to Apply for Internships?

To know more, relevant social platforms namely LinkedIn, Internshala, and websites like are enough to get what you deserve. In today’s point of view, finding an internship is no longer unusual; it is too susceptible to be true.

Moving to the next…

What are the Top Skills Required for any Internship?

Suppose you carry proper determination but don’t have the proper skills to portray with confidence. As a result, you might be oscillating between the two probabilities of maybe or maybe not.

Having said that, little or no skills are fine for unpaid internships and sometimes even minimum paid internships.

Eventually, it’ll become a necessity and time has no specific speed; sometimes slow, sometimes fast runs according to the world’s progress.

You need to pick the gear by yourself and begin the journey of hustling and bustling. Not every time it’s true, but yes that’s the fact.

As said internships play a definitive role, with a few basic skills besides.  To brief,  presenting the 3 high-demanding skills to ace in 2021 and beyond are as follows: 

  1. Communication skills: Ideas will go in vain if you aren’t able to deliver your ideas exactly. It doesn’t matter what you say, but how you absorb the base of the communication method is what matters.
  2. Curriculum records till date: Another and most prominent factor that you can show as an alternative skill to prove yourself. Even highly rated MNC companies firmly believe in that. So, be it your small or big achievement, just add it to your emerging CV for an internship. 
  3. Problem-solving skills: Always know that any and every company hires those interns who appear to be the best problem solvers.

Your main goal right now should scope to learn, sharpen, and market these first three skills. Sooner the better.

Top 7 Pros and 5 Cons of Internships

Let’s keep it straight, everybody wants opportunities with reasonable outcomes. Just like the way we navigate through internships and get the details before applying, the same occurs here.

That is, before switching on to internships knowing the pros and cons comes first to understand their vision for having better perception.

Without further delay, let’s get started with the pros and cons of an internship.

Top 7 Pros of an Internship:

  • Goal-oriented Exposure
  • Hands-on Training
  • Advance Adaptability
  • Wider Network
  • Providing Industrial Recognitions such as certificates of completion, LOR, etc.
  • Better Career Enhancement
  • Real-life Experience

Top 5 Cons of an Internship:

  • Limited Exposure and Job Guarantee
  • Lack of Work-Life Balance in Most Cases
  • Higher Competition
  • Facing Ignorance
  • Unequal Pay

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Opting for Internships

Q1. Am I confused about the career path that I’ve chosen?

Ans. If the answer is YES, chasing short-term jobs like internships can be an appropriate idea to conclude. So, just do it.

Q2. I want to explore more variety of experiences. How can I gain that?

Ans. Through two or more internships it’s 100% possible to gain industry-based profitable experience in just 1 year.

Q3. Do I have the basic skills to serve in this internship?

Ans. Look, skills or at least the basic skills are much-needed eligibility criteria in getting an offer letter from your dream company.

Q4. I feel the need to prove myself. What should I do?

Ans. Again, internships are the best choice you can ever make for proving yourself in terms of your proficiency in your interested field. Part-time jobs won’t or rarely offer you such a chance.

Q5. Should I choose internships over part-time jobs for money requirements?

Ans. That depends. Unlike part-time jobs, internships don’t set standard monthly income for different candidates.
However, it can sound a little risky for those who want money-oriented jobs.

Q6. Should I go for unpaid ones?

Ans. Yes, you should only if you’re new to the industry.

Now, What Does a Part-Time Job Mean?

Need a job to cover all your monthly expenses? Part-time jobs are right there especially suitable in such circumstances. Not just it showers you with a sufficient amount of money, it also involves the active contribution towards exploring your skills.

The basis of part-time jobs are dependent on a few factors as mentioned below:

  • Basic Communication Skill: Wherever you go, communication skill is universal. Get expertise at one or all of the communication and secure a part-time job easily!
  • Balance:For those who know how to balance between study/work and side hustle, part-time jobs are best for them.
  • Quick Learning: Remember, part-time jobs believe in ‘Hustle to Bustle.’ This includes how fast you apply the knowledge. The more you learn quickly, the better fast you work and earn accordingly.
  • Present Mindedness:This tests your ability to survive in such fast-paced environments.

How to Apply for Part-Time Jobs Online? 

However, applying for a part-time job online on trustable platforms isn’t an easy task as compared to applying for internships. Introducing you the few top websites that you can trust while you apply for such jobs:

Monster India

• Others: LinkedIn, Internshala: Part-time Job Option, Indeed.

And that is it.

For getting offline modes of part-time job offers, again you can head on to the similar above given platforms.

The good part is you don’t need to change positions to perform tasks that primarily fall under data entry, writing, and other business consulting, etc.

Top 7 Pros and 5 Cons of Part-time Jobs

Taking note of these top 7 pros and 5 cons of part-time jobs will help you in the process of reviewing the question- which works better for you? Internship or part-time jobs? Here I go.

Top 7 Pros of Part-time jobs:

  • Improves Flexibility
  • Promotes Better Handling of Responsibilities
  • Good Money which determines better Savings for All-Purpose mainly Studies
  • Greater Multitasking
  • A Great Boost to Self-Esteem
  • Gives enough Practical Day-to-Day Experience
  • No Limitations

Top 5 Cons of Part-time Jobs:

  • No Recognition for the Completion of such Jobs
  • Most Experiences aren’t Job-Oriented/Academically Proven
  • Unpredictable Job Security
  • Not Highly Recommended for Experienced People unless it is mandatory
  • Time Management Issues

How Part-time Jobs are Different From Internships?

Part-time jobs are independent whereas internships are reserved with the premium vision of professional growth. Or, it can be vice versa relying on the background you’re working for.

Ideally or technically that’s how part-time jobs work differently than internships. But in reality, it’s not that much or just an invisible line of the gap passing through to create the bridge between the two. It’s just a piece of the norm.

To Conclude…

For me, no work and any kind of job look small. Internships or part-time jobs, both have the strong potential to find out your ‘true potential.’ So, welcome them with grace as if it’s your first and last chance.

Closing this session with one more famous saying,

“Something is better than nothing.”

Believe in that. I wish you all the success in the present and future.

Keep moving.For more such updates, follow my Instagram account.

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