How to Get Over Laziness? Simple Yet Effective Tips

How to Get Over Laziness

“Whatever it takes”, that’s what we say to ourselves and then turn out to be lazybones in the end.  Did you experience the same in your lifetime at least once in a blue moon? Well, I’m sure you did, we all did go through this phase of laziness more than once.

But why do we tend to become lazy after reaching one point or some may be from the beginning?  In reality, laziness is an output of obscurity and is even equivalent to one of the top human crimes. Yes, it is, that apparently doesn’t seem that serious but it can be serious as it intensifies.

Factors like body strength, mindset, interests, environmental factors without any doubt play a big part in the making of laziness. But as known, every problem always has one or two solutions irrespective of how acute it is.

By following that notion, I’m heading on to share my 3 such simple yet effective tips on how to get over laziness. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

3 Simple Yet Effective Tips to Get Over Laziness

Simple Yet Effective Tips to Get Over Laziness

1. Take Care of Your Body

I always tell people that you should stop taking your body for granted. When I say this, it opens up the means of connectivity with the mind which has a lot more to deliver in eradicating issues faced by laziness.

And, the moment you feel energized in and out, I bet, you will easily give up all those habits that come under the same roof.

To summarise,

  • Eat as Many Healthy Foods as You Can: Whether its fruits, vegetables, or any protein-carbohydrate-fibre combined rich diet, start adequately consuming more. Therefore, never say no to such foods, else you’ll regret it later. The cause behind laziness is mainly based upon the kind of food you prefer to eat in a day. Agree or not, this is the fact.
  • Do any Form of Exercise Thrice a Week: Laziness multiplies on its own when we don’t give a damn to how we move, especially how frequent we move. It’s not just muscle work done to our body rather a much-needed boost to protect our bodies from all sorts of laziness. All of a sudden, we feel happy, fit, and inspired to take action. Who doesn’t want it?
  • Meditate at least for 10 Minutes:A 10 minutes meditation daily is a healthy way to kick start your day. Installing meditation as a part of your routine requires the mindset of quickly adapting and taking baby steps of inculcating the Same gradually. I’m saying, you should start it from now if you haven’t.
  • Strolling in an Open Environment: If nothing works, just walking in an open environment has the power to detoxify your body with the sunlight and rejuvenate your sanity. All in all, it turns out to be a magical potion to get rid of laziness- at least half of it.
  • Pick Out One Household Chore: Another alternative physical activity you can do to get over laziness is this one: doing household chores. Trust me, the process may look lengthy depending on the type, but when you get started you get enriched with productivity with no unnecessary distractions.

Although some of these practices seem a bit old-school, they’re all right in their own way. As the more advanced we grow as a person, the quicker we forget the standard way of approaching life. One of which deals with taking care of ourselves, for sure…that relatively contributes to lack of lifestyle and of course, laziness.

So, again a request: watch your health to get rid of most causes of being lazy!

No. 2. Use the Pomodoro Technique

Let’s don’t lie to ourselves about the fact that we’re all aware of everything, and here – of our laziness. Despite being aware, we still go back to them. And that goes on until it rolls up into a heavy weighted ice ball with our overall faults mentioned all over the coverings.

Same with our laziness, it doesn’t get rid of it easily as it seems. Then the story of  Pomodoro came into existence in the 1980s derived from tomatoes and innovated by a university student named Francesco Cirillo.

Now, what’s so special about this technique? That is, it’s both silly and effective in a way that we all will love to know more about. Continue reading…

Make your plans manageable through an all-rounder technique you can ever follow- the one and only Pomodoro technique. This is how it works. Split your workday into 25 minutes4times with a 5 minutes break in each hour. After the fourth repetition, take a longer break that usually ends after 15-20 minutes.

And, the cycle goes on like a to and fro movement until the work comes to an end. Indeed this technique has shot off the time management, self-awareness, and procrastination issues. And many famous people still follow the same techniques to get things done at the right time.

All I can say is try it by yourself.

No. 3. Acknowledge Your Small Accomplishments

I believe, and I know it’s much simpler to say than to convert the saying into action. Maybe because of the situation you’re in; worse than I ever thought, maybe for other environmental factors like your family/friends circle, or any other cause.

But one thing I can assure you here is that it all starts from the very small deeds that can lead to big changes inside your soul. All it takes is one single will and a few weeks to achieve that level where you should be able in order to get over laziness.

Might seem little but can be effective as high depending on how you ‘acknowledge.’

Our mind is always in a rut only if we make our mind used to the same routine. Hence, we need constant changes that cannot be attained overnight but through small means, through small accomplishments. Leaving here with a few simple tips to follow with just one purpose in mind, which is, to get rid of laziness. Here I go.

  • Start making your bed: It’s not as silly as you think, trust me. At least not for your brain who processes your whole mindset behind your decision-making. The potential it holds is incomparable. Know that your body craves such to-do activities which although deal more with the mind but promotes basic movements can be relatively healthier for your body as well.
  • Prefer Difficult yet Easy-to-do ‘Other’ Tasks: What I mean by other tasks is to include the ones you’re not much friendly with. Such as maybe cooking, or reading books, anything as per whatever feels the most difficult task for you. Remember, the ideal purpose behind doing all these is to keep you busy to control your laziness.
  • Give Others a Hand: Because why not? Undoubtedly the quintessential way to distract yourself from laziness is simply helping others in their work. Contribute a little and earn more self-accomplishments.

The forum is your environment, and you’re the initiator to start from small.

To Conclude…

The high induction of laziness often arises due to a ‘no work’ situation. Some experience laziness due to their sense of comfort zone or due to lack of motivation. What I need you to do is to consider these three tips as the first step to be taken to withstand your laziness.

Start adhering to them and also, let me know how effective they were for you.

Till then, have great days and keep moving forward.

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