What Happens When You Do What You Love?

Do What You Love

What happens if you do what you love? | What are the benefits of doing what you love? | Should you do what you love? | Learning how to do what you love | What Happens When You Do What You Love?

There’s a thin line moving between “do what you love” and to “love what you do”. And perhaps, this blog is the best way out to know about the signals given when you do what you love. Let’s recapitulate a few phenomena when you do the same i.e., do what you love.

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You Gather Better Courage

You tend to gulp a drink of better courage instincts. That suggests you have imposed a better system of ‘do or die’ on what you love to do. You do not fear the sphere of challenge or the behind-the-scenes nasty opinions about you. You know how to fight with failures and pull yourself up the next morning. And that is all because of the courage you gathered by simply doing what you love.

You Feel Independent Within

Independence finds you when you chase passion over materialistic things. That kind of independence is an extravaganza feeling. You become independent in the sense of how you look at things around you. You ignite creativity in you to feel the ultimate realization of the truth and you of course. That also means you don’t need appreciation or attention anymore to follow your soul path. You start roaming around like a free bird.

Hustling Becomes an Option

In a constant hustle-to-bustle culture, you slow down, observe the process and work at your pace. You have a mindset that is built by hybrid methodology, which again makes you well aware of where you need to slow down and where you need not to. You’re a calm and composed human being who expects the least, works the most out of what you have. When we do things with love, we tend to make no big deal out of it in a way that you’ll never know when the time flies.

You Get to Know the Meaning of Solitude

You see, all these are interconnected and solitude is the best of the best connections that are highly relatable. You get to know the importance of its existence. Ever since social media came to light, the meaning rewrote as a negative or fake vibe it spreads. But if you’re keen to unveil the presence of solitude, you have to make yourself believe in your strength first.

And eventually, when you go through the path of passion, solitude will be everything to you. In small to small daily life moments. In relationships. In your decisions. You suddenly become conscious of your thoughts and actions, which brings you down to the ethics of humanity and uniqueness.

Your Accountability Will Be At its Peak

No other accountability of yours will be held as honest as when you do what you love and seek consequences without any fear or melodrama. From popular to exceptionally ambitious people seek credibility in the work they do every single time. If you want to get rid of taking accountability for what you do, I’m afraid to say that you are not there yet.

You’ll Develop an Appetite for Real Impact

I’m not referring to living a king-size life, or in other words, thinking just about you and your family’s well-being. Yes, this is too important but not more than determining an impact that tells us what life is for after all. If you know this, you must change your direction towards the passion and do something for the people, supposedly for this incredible world.

You Tend to Explain Less

Because you know what you’re already. The passion burning inside you tends to focus on the keywords only. You don’t need to explain how good you’re or how willing you’re. It is what it is. People will then only see you from a different angle and suddenly they tend to avoid all their nasty mouthing.

To Conclude…

This is made obvious that passion is not the other job settlement, doing what you love sees a lot of potential in you before it ideally becomes the ‘one’. Neither does it mean to roll into motivational flicks and do nothing in real.

Passion is all about exploring.

Keep exploring to find the real one.

That’s it for today, take care, and have great days ahead.

See you next!

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