Top MBA Courses in Demand Worldwide [2022]

top mba courses

What does pursuing an MBA course from abroad look like? Is studying MBA abroad worth it? Which full-time MBA courses are in demand worldwide? Which MBA course is in demand worldwide? These questions and ten more such come as no surprise as the days are passing Indian and other South Asian wolf packs are paving their way toward global MBA education.

Under a recent statistic, about 133,135 students showed a massive interest in studying abroad and left India within the first three months of 2022, and in 2021 there was a 41% increase from that to 2020.  

Another survey left no stone unturned by leaving its claim that 81% of Indians among 10,000 surveyed students would prefer to go to a foreign B-school. But why is this so? Some answer claims because of the reputation and accomplishing so-called ‘international’ treatment. Whilst some want to just play safe beforehand seeing the velocity of the Indian economy and less opportunity to the top B schools on the other.

However, this is ten-year-old research, yet jogged along till today’s date.

Are you one of those aspirants? Stop right there as today I’ll be going to keep you updated about the top MBA courses in demand worldwide. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top MBA Courses in Demand Worldwide [2022]

MBA in International Business

Brief Line

An MBA in international business from abroad will always make you feel like killing two birds with one stone. There you will have a thorough diverse course structure guide that touches on this one such aspect– how to do business with people traditionally as well as in a current environmental-friendly way? One can eventually work as an executive, consultant, or manager in finance, business, marketing, recruitment, assistant fields, and trading companies. Basically, there is a multitude of options; you can be anyone with this just one leading MBA course.

Top Schools

Insead (Singapore): Although you can opt for its equally potential campus in France, but this campus in Singapore is the quintessential one among the top picks for business studies. More than that, from career changers to low GMAT scorers below or around 600, everyone will receive an equal opportunity to experience the admission process here without any guilt later. The program closes after 10 to 12 whole months with an exchange of internship to get kick-started right away. The only assurance they are going to foresee from you is your academic grouping in and outside of your professional learnings.

Harvard Business School: You can locate this top Ivy League college providing a two-year residential MBA program in Boston, Massachusetts is just a walk away from its main campus. Apart from the dreamy environment it offers, the competition falls in obvious tough level standards. But still one can give a shot confirming their academic qualifications and curriculum is top-notch, and also if they manage to get the so and so scores– above 550 GMAT score (no specific cut-off mentioned) plus a median GRE score of Verbal and Quantitative 160-164 approximately, IELTS of 6.5 and many more.

Click here to check the latest annual academic charges.

London Business School: Established in 1964, this school possesses extraordinary rituals well enough to keep attracting students from all corners. As compared to HBS, London business school isn’t tough to that extent as the percentage of international students is all about 90%, which is relatively fair. It is also known for the kind of flexibility this 15-21 month MBA program provides regardless of the background you’re coming including consulting, media, finance, technical, the military, sports, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, luxury and retail, healthcare, or any non-profit sectors. The first-year course fee can cost up to INR 62,68,852.

IE Business School (Spain): Did you know IE Business School ranks 6th  in the world for International MBA studies as per the Forbes report and first for high-class entrepreneurship teaching? From rendering significance to each detail while polishing their one-year course program in international business, IEBS is worth taking a chance on as it’s not always about Harvard and London schools. Moreover, the rate of work experience the school demands is comparatively low only about three years.

Bottom Line

Well, there are other schools with world-class infrastructures and proven potential for enabling placements, but these four are great options to dig through International MBA. Nevertheless, the others are too great to go for, depending on the time and spot you want to be in.

Decide accordingly!

MBA in General Management

Brief Line

Contrary to what the future world wants, this course doesn’t bother about the latest trends because it is what it is. They always keep you going. A general management course is a wholesome program for anyone who wants to get started with something that they’re not aware of yet. The signature perk of pursuing an MBA in general management course from abroad is that one, you never have to worry about what-ifs, and two, frankly and unfortunately, the condition in India is even worse than better. Last but not the least, you need not stress on your educational background as much as while pursuing a ‘specialized’ MBA course. Now let me share my top school picks with you.

Top Schools 

Wharton School of Business: I must say, this 2nd QS global MBA ranking [2022] school provides a resourceful full-time MBA course in general management. Concerning what would be the course structure look like, here I go. From inviting you all for summer internships to exposing you to all career treks throughout the year, this school stands as a solid foundation to provide the best. Even you can do a double major in general management for sustaining under high volatile business enterprise. The other explorations that they offer frequently namely the Quantico USMC Program, the Antarctica Expedition, and many more.

Stanford University: Located in the heart of techie rich area, Silicon Valley, this university will be fun to catch with seeking MBA in general management. Their two-year MBA program gives a perfect blend of basics and advanced level studies of leadership, varied business perspectives, global management, and entrepreneurship. The average shortlisting criteria for student admission to Stanford is 730 GMAT score and an undergraduate 3.9 GPA score approximately.

MIT Sloan: This institute has a popular 11 months executive course in general management and guess what? Everything gets on online. In their words, “The Executive Program in General Management is designed for executives in emerging markets who are looking to reinforce their strengths, learn new skills, connect with other high-achieving managers from around the world, and prepare for the next phase of their career”.

The program calendar divides into five respective terms with lectures from 20+ best-known MIT faculty. The syllabus underlines the main demand for any industry right now—technology and value chain management that sets them apart from the rest of the online lookalike courses.  The program fee is up to $38,000 (plus $30 for application charges).

The Kellogg School of Management: As some latest reports suggest that last year, around 27% of applicants successfully took admission to Kellogg’s full-time MBA program options. This Northwestern University (Kellogg) is declared as top no. 3 in Best business schools and No. 3 in part-time MBA. The core curriculum forms two interesting separate concepts—Majors and Pathways, interconnected to each other depending on the core you opt for.

For your information, the pathway has an interdisciplinary pattern of courses set for a particular skill set or industry such as data analytics, entrepreneurship, growth, and scaling, healthcare, real estate, venture capital & private equity. Outside of theoretical opportunities, they are known to provide a 9-week research international program with a two-week expert conference.

McGill University: This top Canada-based public university drives a smart one-year MBA course in general management to offer. One can customize their mode of learning, online or offline, as per their needs. The average fees of any Canadian MBA school can mark up to 50 lacks.

University of Melbourne: Their two-year full-time MBA course is all you need in terms of its budget, education services, and placements. The eligibility criteria involve a good GMAT score of 695 and above, a graduation degree, two years of work experience, two recommendations, and last but not the least, communication skills.

Imperial London Business School: This school is far ahead of other UK business schools even Harvard, which tops the employability rate under the QS online MBA rankings 2022. Their 12-months course provides flexible options to graduate at your own pace.

Bottom Line

Others including Yale and Columbia universities too offer such courses that are not that bad. Sector and career switching in one made easy when you have an MBA degree in general management. For anyone desiring to take over C-suit roles, chief managerial posts, banking roles or any other corporate roles, this degree has a lot to give.

MBA in Operations

Brief Line

If you’re into the supply chain and logistics, then you can blindly walk down to this MBA specialized in operation management course. The demand for agile innovations inclusion in e-commerce business is going over the top, and this is high time for such professionals to level up their consistency game in the market economy and consumers’ mindset.  Basically, a graduate with an MBA in operations management acts as a critical supervisor here in ensuring that the implementation process of delivering a particular service runs smoothly. The basic skills any such graduate learns about are analytical and organizational skills.

In short terms, an organization needs to re-design a methodical system that is capable of both—producing and analysing quality services and goods at the right cost within a flexible schedule. The common job profiles namely project manager, logistic manager, purchasing manager, operation consultants, and so on listings opportunities from Amazon, KPMG, McKinsey, AirBnb like giant global companies. Therefore without any doubt, high ROI is waiting for you if you take a chance here in this department.

Top Schools

Tepper School of Business: From the word go, this school will let you focus primarily on the basic needs of MBA operation management– supply chain management, operations strategy, risk analysis, demand management, healthcare, six sigma tools, and techniques. Plus, they have a versatile program for skill development such as ‘Operation Research Concentration’.

University of Michigan (Ross): This institute needs no introduction, and already ranks 3rd among best business schools providing operation management MBA courses. Their action-based teaching technique is one of a kind to understand real-world operation management issues. The best part is their way of approach to strong networking with firms for a better career future. The class strength size is up to 358, which is way better than the acceptance rate in Tepper school.

You can check out the further updates on their admission takings at their official website here

Krannert School of Business, Purdue University: Dominates rank no. 5 for best MBA school in operation specialization. Locate this university in Indiana, continues to build higher placement records since its birth, and is pocket friendly as well. For more details, click here

Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller): In just less than two years, one can map the whole process of supply chain management with guaranteed placement from their side. The reason behind becoming the top 10 world-class MBA in operation according to US and World News reports is their quick emphasis on a combination of tools like descriptive statistics, various tests, and concepts for scientific analysis of data. The standard GMAT score required as per some data is 660.

Bottom Line

So far I’ve discussed three such phenomenal MBA specializations under my top MBA courses in demand worldwide, but I found this MBA in operations specifically more predictable and promising in all ways while pursuing it abroad. That also should not mean the only means to go for. Have a specific ‘WHY’ before you say yes to this course.

MBA in Media

Brief Line

Show business is, will, and always be changing drastically like a chameleon. But it will never stop. And thus, I thought of why not welcome this unique course MBA in media as one of the top MBA courses in demand worldwide because it deserves that from the core. Sufficiently the options of pursuing the course from where are enough to determine what’s right for you, even India is no less here.

But again if you want global recognition of your works, you have to come out of your comfort zone and pursue such MBA from abroad—specifically the media-zoned cities will always give you brownie points unlike any other. Getting to the main point, the underlying difference between general media studies (B.A. and M.A.) and MBA in media is the answer itself lies in the recent booming of OTT industries and podcast platforms.

“India’s Entertainment & Media industry is expected to reach INR 4,30,401Cr by 2026 at 8.8% CAGR”, PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media report says. Imagine what could be the figures in billions across the world? Here I submit another report from another MNC, Delloite US, click here to download the PDF.

Top Schools

NYU Stern School of Business: This New York-based school provides a detailed academic MBA course in media and entertainment. With the addition of experienced faculty from different media companies like BuzzFeed, Amazon Prime, the course is 100% reliable depending on how badly you want to work as a media part.

UCLA Anderson: Located in the one-stop destination of Hollywood, this school is the top pick when it comes to having a lucrative career in the media industries via the same. Other than these, media tech giants like Google, Snapchat is also a deal to stand with. The program offers a specialization in Entertainment that is accredited by the Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment and Sports.

York University (Toronto): Schulich school of business (York University) founded its knack in providing key masters in arts, and entertainment in 1969, and since then it started to evolve on its own to earn a strong sense of clarity and reputation. Their MBA in entertainment possesses dual degree programs and trainings for better proficiency in the media sectors, which makes Canada as the third largest media in the world. For more details, click here

Bottom Line

It is relevant that a scriptwriter or a journalist can’t take over the financial edges of any entertainment platforms or typically deal with a client. There you have an MBA graduate in media who has balanced expertise in every shore of media is the ideal one. The common roles one can undertake after completion of the whole program are media planners, marketing strategies, content managers, analysts, and so on.

To Conclude

Nothing beats harder than doing an MBA course from abroad in any university irrespective of the rank holdings. The diversity, global acquaintance, lifestyle, challenges, collaborations, cultural inclusions, and actively participating in clubs and alternative programs, if that’s what you want to add as your dream, go for it now!

Good luck!

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