Best MBA Specializations For the Future in India

Best MBA Specializations For the Future in India

In 2022, it is so important for you to carefully niche down the best MBA Specializations for the future in India, like it was before, in our times. Here I am to make you all aware of its latest terms and scope of it.

Are you ready for the future?

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The list of management courses shuffles from time to time by looking at the latest demands of the business. Some remain immortal, whereas some courses fade away with time leaving a benchmark over a lifetime. Truly MBA specializations are one of a kind, and hard to judge. 

Again, I am a non-supporter of passing the latest MBA-centric herd space as per the ongoing demands and I suppose, neither will this help you to achieve what you want out of it if that’s not what you want, in real.

Stop right there.

Rather take this suggestion as a serious guide, not just another random sneak-peek for self-ego boosting. Think about these courses deeply until it makes true sense of why you want to invest your time, energy, and a lump sum of your money in these trendy (-from outside) MBA courses.

Anyways let’s get started.

Best MBA Specializations For the Future in India

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List of MBA Specializations in India | Best MBA Specializations For 2022 

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MBA in Digital Marketing

Brief Line

An MBA in digital marketing is indeed the cherry on your cake for anyone who has a clear zest for anything that involves social media, content marketing, Google traffic, SEM, SEO, etc. In short, there’s undoubtedly an immense growth one can monitor if they opt for this course and if they don’t fail to work deep into digital trends such as performance marketing, campaigns, ads, and data analytics.

Note: Every MBA course is of three different kinds-  Full-time, Executive, and Short-term (takes about one year). Given that all three have certain values that are extremely handy for fulfilling the future job gaps, ruled by digitalization above.

Top Universities/Platforms

IIDE: That is, the Indian Institute of Digital Education has it all in their 11 months of digital marketing course, equipped with the latest syllabus and handpicked professionals. Top placements are from Schbang, Madison World, Kinnect, and many more.

IIMs: Through giving the CAT exam, there are possibilities to pursue short-term or long-term valuable MBA digital marketing courses in IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, or IIM Calcutta circles.

XIMR: This institute is located in the center of Mumbai and has a classic MBA course for you all in digital marketing, that is highly adventurous.

Others: It involves all those top online platforms that are easily accessible to all of us. Such as upGrad, a 6-months full program from Great Learning like platforms, and even large institutes like MICA-Ahmedabad offering short-term courses of great value for enough long-term benefits.

Basic Skills Required

If you have asked me about the top 3 skills to expect from your side, I will like to mention them here-

  • Creativity,
  • One who loves performance marketing,
  • Great dealing with details/numbers.

Bottom Line

All I want to say now is 2022 and this course is worthy of taking note of.


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MBA in Human Resource

Brief Line

Some courses never get old and one of such is this one – MBA in Human Resources. The scope around this particular specialization is always found to be highly stable.

Syllabus Covered

  • Human Resource Management,
  • Human Resource Development &  Planning,
  • Organisational Development & change,
  • The methodology of Training & Development,
  • Managerial Economics,
  • Personnel Management Concepts,
  • Industrial Relations Management,
  • Labour Laws,
  • Corporate Communication,
  • Operations Management,
  • Compensation Management.

Top Universities

XLRI: This Jamshedpur-based institute has recently increased its seats by 60, providing the best course (PGDHRM) ever in the HR domain across India. Being graduated from the same school, I would highly recommend joining here as the starting point of your HR career. The exam to qualify for a seat here is called XAT.

NMIMS: Their course constantly lies in one row of the top 10 MBA-HR for a very long time, well-known for providing practical insights into HR audits, business law, and industrial relations for two years.

TISS: Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai nurtures a very specific approach to their MBA-HR course. Although it hasn’t marked its rank under the top 10 or 15 rank, the reason why you can go for it is their 6 back-to-back internship opportunities, training (hence building greater ROI again), and a fee of up to 3 lakhs, and the quality binding environment and education together.

Basic Skills Required

It would be great for someone like HR to have the following skills:

  • Communication skills,
  • Attention to clear decision-making,
  • Grouping large-to-small data,
  • Fast learner.

Bottom Line

Apart from the common factors, a massive twist came around COVID-19 times when every company had to give remote working a chance. Everything took a turnover to have a hybrid culture inclusion in productivity, salary incursion, strategies development, work-life balance, and leadership. In the whole episode of the new world, HRs are needed everywhere on holding accountability in most of the company’s challenging roles as a leading guardian for creating an impactful awareness in each of the aspects.

So again, no way to get rid of it from the best MBA specializations for the future in India list.

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MBA in Finance

Brief Line

Most candidates often misinterpret this popular course as the only means of getting a frontier investment banking job. Well, let me clear this by saying that it is none other than just a myth. For your information, the reality is only 1-2% of MBA schools get an offer from investment banking zones. Another fact-myth is it is all about accounting. Well, it sure does add that, but MBA-Finance is way beyond. Let me show you how.

If you are good at managing the financial sides of a business, then opt for treasury finance,

If you have a desire for number crunching roles, then opt for accountancy or corporate banking services,

If you love to deal with analyzing a company’s balance sheet, then become a business analyst/project finance manager,

If you are a good decision maker in terms of budgeting and researching micro and macro-financial trends, then go for a finance analyst position (Financial Modeling, SAS, Financial Reporting, and Budgeting),

If you have an in-depth understanding of portfolio theory, market, and economics, you can be a portfolio manager.

Syllabus Covered

  • Financial Risk Management
  • Fixed Income Markets
  • Bank Management
  • Treasury and Risk Management
  • Trading Strategies
  • Money and Banking
  • Acquisitions and Merges
  • Corporate investment management
  • Portfolio Management
  • International Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Human Resource Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Business and Corporate Laws

Top Universities/Platforms

IIMs: When it comes to MBA finance courses, IIM institutes always tops the list all over India with world-class opportunities from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc.

SP Jain Institute: Recognised by AICTE and UGC, this Mumbai-based institute can stand as a secondary choice after IIM because of its claim on fulfilling marketing needs in financial sectors.

ISB: This institute (specifically based in Hyderabad) is a top MBA institute for Finance, as rated by Financial Times and across Asia. The best pro of getting admission into ISB is its global touch-up to every topic that’s going to cover, and the worst con of the same is its high fee charge. All in all, it is the best business school ever in India.

K J Somaiya Institute: A keen disciplined environment in MBA finance fronts, good to go for anyone looking for an alternative option other than top MBA-finance course-providing institutes. It is ranked 56 for private MBA under NIRF  2021.

DFS: The most affordable and the best MBA-finance course you can ever get in your life. DFS which stands for Delhi Finance School under DU is the only second B-school (after IIM Bangalore) accredited by CFA, USA.

Basic Skills Required

Again there’s no standardized stamp on what are the prerequisites and what is not, but to have a brief idea on what it is like to be a financial manager or someone under MBA finance, here I go:

  • Good with numbers,
  • Good with analyzing numbers,
  • Logical reasoning,
  • Strong time management ethics,
  • Good reader.

Bottom Line

It is worthy to note that finance jobs in India are increasing rapidly at their own pace and by 15% as of now. Tax consultants, financial advisors, CA, and accountants are such never-ending job roles in India.

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MBA in Information Technology

Brief Line

Whether a company provides products and services online or incorporates new technology into its infrastructure/system, such all-in-one exclusive professionals are needed to bridge the gap between executive leadership and technical leadership. That’s when an MBA in Information Technology course lands in to justify that much-needed role in every IT sector and different industries.

IT talent in India needs no introduction and is currently booming in India. An MBA-IT is definitely killing two birds with one stone. The only pre-requirement to open this course is a general science qualification background, the generic exams (CAT and many others), and a must internship/job experience like under most MBA criteria.

Career areas that you can explore here are:

  • Project Management
  • Product and Corporate Marketing
  • Cross-Platform Communications
  • Information system Manager
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Business Development Manager
  • IT Director
  • IT Specialist
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Computer Information Specialist

Syllabus Covered (in general)

  • Computer Security
  • ERP
  • Legal and Ethical Business
  • Database Management
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Financial Analysis for Technology
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • E-Business
  • IT Consulting and Advisory Practice

Top Universities

IIT Delhi: For a career in software management, IT consultancy, and system analysis, IIT Delhi provides a two-year MBA course in Telecommunication Systems Management related to IT and will always remain a choice.

IIM Bangalore: We can’t deny that Bangalore is the spot-on hub for every Indian techie aspirant. Pursuing an MBA from IIM Bangalore is way too challenging and too rewarding as well.

DOMS, IIT Roorkee: The minimum CAT cut-off (percentile) required for admission through CAT to DOMs Roorkee ranges from 95 to above, in general. The obvious aspect of studying MBA-IT here is the ‘IIT ecosystem’. Same as above.

SCIT: This department comes under Symbiosis Pune and is well-equipped with smart-driven technologies, systems, and strategies made up for their MBA course in IT. For more information, click here.

Great Lakes Institute of Management: Situated in Chennai, this institute providing PGDM course in the IT field is not a bad choice at all for anyone carrying the same passion forward because of its high deliverance, that is their yearly placements.

Basic Skills Required

Any IT candidate should have an eye for skills, which are:

  • Problem-solving ability,
  • Data literacy,
  • Flexibility,
  • Creative thinker (ranks under top #3),
  • Management skills.

Bottom Line

The above institutes that I have mentioned are some handpicked institutes by me for exploring the best MBA-IT courses in India, while also note that there may be many others providing the same course but have a slight quality-wise difference.

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To Conclude…

There you have it.

In the end, an MBA is an MBA. Whether you take a low-demanding major course or you pursue MBA from one of the B schools, nothing really matters more than your pursuit of passion. 

Signing off!

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Till then, take care and have a blast week ahead!

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