Your Elevator Pitch to Companies After MBA

The term ‘Elevator Pitch' is a brief speech given to convey the message about yourself and to express your alacrity to get started with the company. In other words, it’s nothing but an elevator that elevates your ideas and personality in a better way.

The term ‘Elevator Pitch‘ is a brief speech given to convey the message about yourself and to express your alacrity to get started with the company. In other words, it’s nothing but an elevator that elevates your ideas and personality in a better way.

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Elevator pitch is another version of what we always have been asked in an interview at first- ‘Tell me About Yourself’. Today, I’ll be clearing all your A to Z doubts regarding your elevator pitch to companies after your MBA.

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Let’s take a look at my overview on the same to kick start your after-MBA journey.


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What is an Elevator Pitch?

The term ‘Elevator Pitch‘ is a brief speech given to convey the message about yourself and to express your alacrity to get started with the company. In other words, it’s nothing but an elevator that elevates your ideas and personality in a better way. 

That is, you’re what defines you and explains your ideas in just a few words. 

The primary motto behind your short introduction-like speech is to create a stamp on the person. 

As simple as that.

Do You Know? 

Ever thought of why it’s named as an elevator pitch? The reason is to take 30 seconds to nurture professional relationships; the same timing we take to reach the floors by elevator. Interesting!

Now, Why is an Elevator Pitch Important for all MBA Students? 

Just to recall, MBA stands for Master in Business Administration. The name itself says it all. No doubt, it gives a step by step insight into how business aka the art of marketing works. Marketing is more or less equivalent to selling. And, the selling depends on your convincing level. And, the power of convincing lies in the efforts you make on your leadership skills. And, leadership is wherein you portray your ideas and last but not least, in your branding. 

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Here’s where the special significance lies in the elevator pitch for any MBA student. To be more precise, presenting my top 6 reasons why an elevator pitch is important for you guys.

  • Perfect way to show your interpersonal skills and confidence.
  • Give an outline of your goal and willingness to join the company. 
  • Determine your ability to sell yourself. What we call personal branding.
  • Involves you in storytelling conversation- the strategic point of marketing. 
  • How you represent yourself = what you present in your elevator pitch.

This is what it is. And once again, connections matter a lot when it comes to you. Whether you’re selected or not for the next round, ensure that you build a never-ending engagement to keep yourself highlighted. 

My Tips for Your Elevator Pitch to Companies after MBA

A perfect elevator pitch is made up of key ingredients that determine your strength and personality. In this domain, let’s discuss my tips to keep in mind for your elevator pitch to companies in an effective way. 

Tip 1. Keep it brief.

Your elevator pitch won’t show every side of you. It’s up to you to narrate the best side of you in 30 seconds that can turn into magic. Who knows!? Keeping the speech brief will never bore the person right there listening to you to make his final analysis more quickly. 

Tip 2. Crisper the Elevator Pitch, Better Opportunities.

It doesn’t mean how fluent you speak with fancy words to be eligible enough. It’s all about how strong your elevator pitch looks to those employees. What I mean to say is your elevator pitch should start with a crisp tone that can steal their attention. 

BONUS TIP: How can you make it? Be humble, Look humble- the golden rule of starting any introduction. That’s it and you will soon realize the amazing effects of it.

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Tip 3: Practice, Practice, and Practice.

This is my most favourite tip that I’m giving to you. To sound realistic and confident as well, think about the points you want to include in your speech. Then, the next step is to jot it down somewhere to start practicing. 

Tip 4: Don’t Pretend.

While you try to start with a conversational speech, don’t pretend anything out of your knowledge or context. Never underestimate their way of looking at things, I repeat, never. Be honest and to the point. As a result, it creates a gap barrier between you and the interviewee. 

Tip 5: Your Elevator Pitch should be Skills-Centric.

It doesn’t matter how well you interact with them, but it’s all worthless if your elevator pitch lacks your skills. Your skills are the epicentre of who you are and what’s your goal. So, never miss the train of opportunities by including as much as your knowledge and skills in your speech. 

What kind of skills should you include? 

Let’s divide the total number of MBA graduates into three kinds with different skills: A, B, and C. 

Team A may be better in numbers such as handling finances, accounting, and so on (you can check the entire course structure). Team B includes the number of MBA candidates who are willing to work under marketing/creative agencies. Team C are more towards the managerial posts. 

Identify the one sector in which you fit. You’ll get the answer!

Keep in mind all of these tips and the rest will be alright. Just have faith and deliver your best output. It’s just a matter of 30 seconds to take the next ride.

MBA Elevator Pitch Example: A Complete Guide to You

Well, sorting out what to say or what is not in your mind is easier than how to execute the same speech in front of them. No worries in case of that too. Because I’m here to help you as your success coach. To understand briefly and in a better way, I decided to give you an example of what elevator pitches look like. 

Note that: My scope isn’t giving you a systematic format. You can rely upon your style of presenting yourself. Even, I prefer you to do so. Take it easy.

Let’s get started now.

Hello, my name is  _____(your name) and today, I’m glad to introduce myself in front of you. I’m based out of _____ (your city) and have just finished my MBA studies this year. Right now, the main objective of my career is to start fresh. From a younger age, I used to  _________(mention your general interest relevant to professional skill requirements). And thus, it’s not just an opportunity for me, but a place where I can explore and redefine my knowledge based on my roles and responsibilities. Talking about my skills, my specialization is in __________(mention the fields you’re interested in). I have worked on several major projects in the field during my internship days and would bring that experience to your company. That’s all about me and my strengths and my weaknesses aren’t something that I want to disclose, instead I will work on them at my pace. 

That’s it! See how I let the elevator pitch go with the flow, also keeping in mind that it should be highly goal-oriented. What any MBA guy should learn is to be able to digest that it’s their platform to showcase who they are unapologetic. 

Believe it or not, great leaders who are ahead of you, prefer such attitudes. So, feel free to showcase your potential, to sell yourself but never pretend as said before.

Key Takeaways

You can experience elevator pitches in your day-to-day lives anywhere at any time. It’s just you need to be well aware of your surroundings. Try to make your day by interacting with an expert or CEO or HR of the company. Cold emails, text messaging, the LinkedIn connection requests, all come under one form that is the Elevator pitch. After all, it’s about having a fruitful communication on any of these platforms.

Still, it has a lot more to go and the best way to transform your ideas always remains in a powerful introduction that depicts thousands of hidden words inside you. 

Anyways, enough of my tips and tricks.

Leaving it to you my friend, and I hope you enjoyed the blog session on elevator pitch to companies after your MBA. So, why wait? Start your journey today and don’t forget to make the best out of your elevator pitch. 

Just remember, it’s not about what you speak, but how well-dedicatedly you speak. Be an attention stealer. 

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

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Share your precious comments here. Coming up with the next blog, till then have great days and see you soon. 

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