How to Increase Your Value in the Job Market?

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In this era of ever-increasing competition in the job market, people often ask me what they need to increase their value and stand out among other candidates. Fortunately, you only need to follow some effective ways to develop your career and enhance the growth of your personal brand. But, to quench your desire to get your dream job, you need continuous up-gradation of experience and upskilling. This will help you create a niche for yourself wherever you want to go as a job applicant.

For your convenience, I am listing here some of the effective strategies that will help catapult your career in the right direction:

Enhance Your Education

While, on the one hand, today’s learning opportunities are truly unlimited, the learning potential of eligible candidates, too, on the other hand, do not have any limits. Many industries, including the banking and finance sector, require you to have a sound educational background. In addition, distance and online education have made getting a degree without going to campus and staying at your current job a realistic objective. Now you only need to manage your time wisely and dive deeply into the pool of learning.

Polish Your Soft Skills

In today’s environment of perfection, soft skills are as much revered by employers as hard skills. One of the reasons employers look for soft skills in an applicant is because it helps to facilitate human interactions and connections. Therefore, an employee possessing these skills can offer any organisation/company an opportunity to build long-term relationships with their clients. 

You need to understand that if not equipped with these skills like teamwork, communicational skills, adaptability, analytical approach, etc., you are limiting your career growth prospects. 

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Learn About The Market Trends

Today’s business is characterized by its ever-changing trends and dynamic nature. Every moment a novel technology, strategy or tool is being introduced in different spheres of the business world. With these changes, you also need to evolve by finding optimal ways to stay updated with the new developments in the market trends.

However, this constantly evolving digital landscape has also allowed you to stay updated with these developments relevant to your skills and experience. Therefore, you need to use the internet and social media platforms keenly. Follow the relevant industry experts, blogs, conferences and venues to keep yourself updated. You should also observe your competitors keenly and learn from them and their evolution process.

Customise Your CV/Resume

Traditionally, the most important thing you need to get a job is a resume or CV. It gives the potential employer an insight into your background, qualification and experience. Every organisation demands a different set of values and skills in their potential candidate. Thus, always present a well-written, up-to-date, diligent and organised resume to the interviewer customized for every job differently. While preparing for a resume, keep these things in mind:

  • Choose a suitable resume format
  • Use simple fonts and easy-going text
  • Be honest while highlighting your skills and achievements
  • Include the right keywords (but don’t bombard your CV with them)
  • Be clear, concise and appealing

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Build Your Social Media Profile Professionally

One of the most important things to attach value to yourself in the job market is creating and building a professionally sound social media platform (like LinkedIn). Registering your presence on the social media platform can make you distinguishable from other job applicants. Make sure to keep your profile updated with your skills, educational background, work history, experience, certifications and organisations. 

The social media presence will help you connect with people who may be interested in hiring you. By building long-term relationships with colleagues from the relevant industry, you can sell yourself as an attractive and reliable choice for hiring. Try to include keywords in your profile description so that you are easy to be found. In addition, do not forget to mention that you are open to job offers. 

Enhance Networking for Career Progression

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Earn More Certifications

In this high-competitive environment, having a degree is not enough. Every applicant, who is applying for the same job as you, have a degree. Thus, it is necessary to engage in voluntary work related to your industry. Earn the certificates and experience these work offer. This is what makes you distinguishable and stand apart from the crowd.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, it will be in your best interest to keep yourself updated with relevant skills, experience and education. The things I have mentioned above will help you increase professional value and place your career on the right track. Believe me, your dream job is just around the corner, and you just need to make one last effort for it.

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