7 Reasons Why You Must Seek Out a Mentor


Having a mentor is like putting a DIY effect on yourself, whether it is about your business or personal growth. They are always there in one corner, thinking of you, wondering how they can make an impact on your life. Mentors are permanent, but still, it is underrated to be true in most metropolitan parts of India. Even now many such students and professionals do exist who are not exposed enough to hiring a mentor or are scared to go through random free/affordable counseling sessions till they hit 20 or above. Most of it happens due to little or no self-awareness at all.

It is 2022 now; keeping the same in mind, let’s move forward to the 7 reasons you must seek out a mentor if you haven’t yet.

1. CC Your Thoughts Amid Uncertainty

That is Self-Awareness. Having said you need someone or the other to take up most of your thoughts and bring them to a conclusion. Mentors are here for that.

This is the obvious point I want to make in the first go, and this doesn’t recommend someone who motivates you with fundamental life theories. Yes, we need words of encouragement but it doesn’t surely bound to how it works. Instead, it means someone who resonates with you in giving perspective regarding your current situation, takes you away from virtuality to reality. Absent the mentor; we can only see the trees, not the whole forest.

After the long hold of the pandemic, job changes, and re-modifications, you need to bring out your emotions and concerns, and that is possible only if you allow someone to enter through and motivates you throughout your issue. A good mentor. At least you need someone to trust your guts even if the whole world is against you, correct?

2. Convert Your Indecisiveness into Decisiveness

We all have been through times where we can’t negotiate enough, even with ourselves. When you don’t know what to do with yourself, how to get started, or how to re-start, this all comes under the same point- lack of decisiveness. A good mentor has an enormous scope here as they can finally justify their value in your life.

In most cases where I have seen as a mentor, the people who approached me to date lack this first criterion to live well in whatever they do. From hiring a few people in your business to having doubts about a critical situation, you have just options. And the quality s can be helpful if you choose wisely. And that comes through again a mentor.

3. Helps You to Prey on Important Things

Are you suffering from listing out things according to your priorities? A mentor can be helpful in these terms as well. Whether living on decisions or then doubting about them and feeling like an unknown compromise on yourself/someone/things, these all gradually come down to the same point: your priority. Someone who has a clear mindset or understands you calmly can be your ideal mentor in such situations.

4. Checklist Your Strategy

Make it checked in by a mentor who is not only an expert in giving you logical suggestions but also an expert in your domain. The domain for which you have been working on. An ideal mentor can bring out the best of the best version in your strategy given that they are all set with their own strategy before encountering your one.

To test out how good they are at what they do, take a demo session with them. At first.

5. Presentation

The ‘input’ is the mastermind every corporate considers. Here comes the ability to nurture them in order to let them grow; you need a mentor here too. In brief, a good presentation always has three features which are- your personality, outputs, and critical development sites. Every mentor takes note of it and never fails to show up the right ingredients for your kind-of-presentation.

6. Money Management

Some mentors can be really good at that. So if you are someone from a finance background, or you need a certain decision to optimize your wealth growth, a trustable partner is needed. And now it has become as handy as your constant thoughts keep rambling on your mind.

Do you have a confusion/question regarding money? Especially being on your entrepreneurial journey, it is mandatory to take on lessons. But now it’s made more approachable as I and many other content creators are working on high-case topics about money goals as mentors for you, right there on your screen. You can check out my YouTube videos on money management and get equipped now!

7. What to Do Next?

If this question comes to your mind, again and again, then why not choose a (not any random) mentor that can re-direct your purpose? No doubt about the fact that they are mentally prepared for a situation like this. That is why they are termed, mentors.

In different stages of life where you do not know what to do, don’t feel personal enough, or are in the off-the-track mode, mentors will be on it to guide you carefully yet smoothly. But the factor will remain the same unless the mentor passes all of those criteria to make you survive. I shall discuss it later in one of the following blogs, for sure.

To Conclude…

One more thing, every aspect doesn’t have to align with professional and personal terms. Know that mentor is everywhere and everybody can be a mentor if they have the right values and personality, of course. If we go back in from the Greek civilization, the ancient Vedic period to the times of Ashoka, Mughal leadership, and so forth, the only similarity we can witness in each period is the importance of mentoring.

After all, people are for people.

This is your time. Don’t let go of such a meaningful opportunity, which is way better than your next same boring desk job, your ignorant boss, and cohesive productivity. Let one mentor come in and change your life, at least one you should handpick and they will handle the rest by sinking in your journey.

I have been through the journey of journeying to the root issues of more than 500 professionals and students as in my people, and I will definitely feel happy as always if you’re the next. Drop-in your email or just let me know on any of my social channels to discuss further!

Anyways see you in the next.

Have great days ahead.

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