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How to Increase Visibility on LinkedIn Profile

Tips to increase visibility on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is definitely a sweet none can avoid having it- 500+ million users is the proof! Many often misinterpret this platform for growing essential connections, that’s it. And others for just seeking relentless attention without making an actual effort. Whatever the opinions might be, all these don’t matter while your LinkedIn profile is still not ready to appear in the limelight.

Despite how many unique attractive details you put in your LinkedIn profile, it has never been enough to hit on connections. I get that. But why does this happen more often than before? One is never too late to understand the recent gain in the pace of finding jobs through LinkedIn, sharing every bit of stories, and re-shaping personal branding through it. This has got the other half of profiles like yours in the last searches of the LinkedIn site.

In 2022, you can easily make whatever you want out of your LinkedIn profile with just one tap of your smartphone. Simultaneously, you can make your profile 2x times more visible (Boost LinkedIn Profile) taking a few small steps. For this, here I am to unlock tips on how to Increase visibility on LinkedIn Profile

Let’s take a quick look.

Tips to increase visibility on LinkedIn

Tip. 1: Fill in the Basic Details  

LinkedIn Checklist
Increase visibility on LinkedIn

Fulfilling the simple steps for a complete profile will bolster the LinkedIn Pulse Algorithm effect on your presence. I have seen many professionals out there who are obsessed with leaving their LinkedIn profile details as it is. It talks about outdated information, incomplete details, and looking cluttered from the outside as usual. Well, you can strive hard for a better profile for days and hours, but it won’t come into reality unless and until you work for it.

I classify these basic details into four major categories are as follows:

  • Headline Space: A good headline opens a door to a unique character, a diverse problem, or a global transformation. Writing a compelling statement of 2-3 lines with a flow is not everyone’s code to crack. It gradually becomes doable once you start practicing writing. This is the section where most often do mistakes like copy-pasting others’ style of writing or mentioning just the company and job title in the bio. Although there is nothing wrong with this format, the problem occurs when you want to unleash your true potential and objectives. And not to mention, an urge to increase visibility on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn showcases a few interesting examples of profile headlines, check here.

Remember to keep your intended type of audience (peers, clients, headhunters) in mind.

  • The About Section: Unlike the bio section, it holds up to 2,000 characters limit. This should not insist you rather write a long essay revealing your top to bottom journey. Just imagine you have 30 seconds to describe yourself, what are the specific points you would like to take in production. You can also represent your YouTube videos, presentations, and other media forms that represent you.

    Read out this most viral LinkedIn summary content by a young tech guy, Lamar-

“Every day, I protect sensitive information on thousands of people from hackers and cyberattacks. As an information security analyst at Acme Hospital System in Sacramento, I manage the day-to-day flow of information into and out of five hospitals and two emergency centers. With a focus on database management, my job ensures critical computer systems, medical files, and patient history remain active and never fail. My team and I stay updated on the latest trends in information security to not only keep Acme Hospital System safe but also on the cutting edge.”

  • Cover Page: It should be worth a thousand pictures that crave to tell them your one story. Listing your testimonials, skills, or just one-liner with one vision is the centre of attraction in the eyes of beholders.

Listing some great examples here-

Cover page : LinkedIn
Increase visibility on LinkedIn
Cover page LinkedIn
Increase visibility on LinkedIn
  • Your Location: Finally, your location backs the data about you, and around you.

    You can say, this is one sort of assignment to complete before you hop on to my next tip.

Tip. 2: Pitch Numerical Value

“Worked in XX companies”, “top X in X”, “Scored X percentile in X exam”, “I’ve made X (e.g., number of hires, $ in sales, $ value in acquisitions) in the past X years”, etc.

A good example can be SEO expert Neil Patel‘s LinkedIn page, take a look-

Increase visibility on LinkedIn SEO Neil Patel About section: LinkedIn

See how the gesture feels right to own up to his authority without needing to explain the whole theory of his career. At the same time, I know this does not happen overnight, attaining such numbers and percentages, given that you’re in the early stage of your career. It takes a consistent period to bring a few through your performances. The specialty of holding numbers in the About and little Bio section is so specific to be persuasive. Numbers also add flexibility to the visitors’ sight while trying to know you.

The fact here is simple. Everybody loves to stick around numbers.

Tip. 3: Crop Down the Unnecessary

Avoid using repetitive, fancy keywords in all your content, overall creating hype over nothing important. Any such profiles are likely to have a greater tendency to back out at any time. The public preferences are general in fact,  tailoring short paragraphs with only-needed information filled with action keywords and metaphors is the name of the LinkedIn game.

Tip. 4: Is Your LinkedIn Profile Picture a bit Turn Off?

Because this is what stunts most people’s LinkedIn profile growth. Change it as soon as possible! We all believe in ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, still, we also believe in the importance of grooming. That’s why we are human- we are never fully hypothetically correct.

A good profile projects a solid colored background cover, clear facial language, proportionality in the size (~60% of the total cover), and confident dress-up as per the profession you are into. Neither I’m telling you to be perfect in terms of how you look by matching it with the superstitious standards. The vision behind setting a good profile picture should be ‘approachable’ for most. That is it.

Goodbye to the old tie and suit days when LinkedIn made it possible to keep personality and professionalism on the same line. Now is the time to remove, click, and change the profile that flaunts your character in you.

Tip. 5: Your Stories > Your Ideas

Whether it is an incoming story or a story after an incident, there is always a call from the other side hoping you to share it. Let people know you in-depth rather than just a brand version of yourself. In this case, stories are one step closer to making your LinkedIn profile 2x times more noticeable. As long as you share the stories you care about, people will have their eyeballs on your LinkedIn posts. But yes, it should come from within. Whereas deciphering just a bunch of information will make your audience feel less human, in a more robotic manner.

In case you are stuck in the middle of how to create your own story and reveal the same to others, I want to direct with the following points-

  • Share the stories of your little-to-little achievements.
  • Share your incoming projects and how much it excites you.
  • Narrate some facts like a story.
  • Share your personal story expressing anyone’s contribution to your success journey.
  • Share your journeys of evolving through lows and highs.
  • Share the stories of your inspirations.

And there can be a lot of other ways to dive into forming your stories. Here is the pro technique while penning down your stories: Don’t even think about clicking a candid Post if you think it is caught in the right way. After all, you are helping out people, in the end, binding them by your emotions.

It’s up to you. You can make a difference only if you want to.
For now, take a pause and think about it.

Tip. 6: Appreciate the Deserving Ones

From commenting for better reach, re-sharing their article, to recommending them is the kind of endorsement you should not turn away from giving.  Appreciate every person normally and especially whom you genuinely feel to be a good fit for your reference. Again I say, genuine interest from your side towards the person is a mandatory requirement otherwise, you will end up in a loop.

Tip. 7: Modify your URL

Setting your URL is equally important as characterizing your profile. The moment you commence to shift your focus on customizing your URL, know that there’s a lot more to dig deeper into. One of the benefits that you are going to reap out of it stresses largely on differentiating you from other LinkedIn profiles of the exact name.

The good part is you can do this easily in just three prominent steps, which are as follows:

Step 1. Log into your LinkedIn account and click the Me (icon) under View Profile.
Step 2.  Then click Edit your public profile & URL.
Step 3. Locate the Edit your URL section on the right-hand side of the Public profile settings page.

Once you find your current URL under this section header, click the pencil-like icon to change the same. It’s now time to pick a name for your URL. To maintain a consistent brand, most in general recommend using your first and last name or a combination of name and profession. However, this doesn’t take off the second chance if in the future you want to change your URL name again; LinkedIn allows you to change your name up to 5 times in 180 days.

Tip. 8: Use SEO Techniques Wisely

Mastering SEO techniques is not a holy grail anymore. Five years from now, there will be more than 95% of people to be present online and producing more content on other than just LinkedIn. Slow down and think for a while: is this all you do for getting the right engagement on your LinkedIn? Placing keywords, relevant 5-6 hashtags, and encouraging Boolean search technique rules may not help you at the fullest potential level when there is vast data transfer busting over the Internet.

According to research, despite the significant growth in LinkedIn engagement,

What are the right alternatives then?

  • High-quality driven content is the standard now.
  • Use free tools for more specific keyword/topic searching- Google Trends,
  • Search for both relevant and uncommon topics around and out of your expertise to discuss.
  • Create more video content on your best-performing pieces.
  • Post multiple times to detect that one right time for more lead generation.
  • Focus on location-based settings.
  • Discover new hashtags every day.
  • Paste your LinkedIn URL everywhere you get to.
  • Share an ALT image.

Tip 9: Join Groups

You need to get yourself out of one corner and land in the field that discusses your domain- upcoming, relevant, and older topics. No other way can be better than joining such potential groups and meeting a new bunch of talented people. Choose collaboration over the competition- the only way to survive through today’s LinkedIn.

Tip 10: Don’t Leave the Featured Section Blank

One of the new LinkedIn features is the Featured section. You can archive your best works or achievements in one place, that is here. A shortcut to draw the quick attention line of whoever will be going to visit your profile. The only factor you need to be aware of is adding value.

increase visibility on linkedin Featured section : LinkedIn

To Conclude…

Understand that today’s LinkedIn market varies from yesterday’s. And the people’s demands are now more interested in “Don’t tell me, just show me”.

Good luck!

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