How to Convince Your Boss When You’re Right?

Imagine you have a blast idea to boost the company’s strength, so potential enough to reveal it to your boss at your next meeting. But then the nightmare knocks at your concerns-What if your boss disagrees to some extent following his/her intuition? Or your boss’ unstoppable question taking shots at his/her mind-“why should he/she agree with you?”

Indeed a tough question to scramble on when you can’t take a chance in freely assuming what your boss wants; unpredictable. Convincing your boss about the things you’re banging about has something obvious to do with the quality of your pitch, but really? Not sure it must be quite difficult if your boss is a no-no person, too tough to handle, or belongs to a completely different zone.

You know what I mean…

To learn this concept of art -the process of convincing your boss, I would love to help you out replying to the ‘hows’ of these doubts.

So without further extension, let’s get started.

A Thread on “How to Convince Your Boss When You’re Right?”

Wait For The Right Moment to Bat Around

A 1-on-1 mutual based meeting predicts greater productivity on the fact that you’ve taken no compromise in the success of receiving the right moment from your boss. Before you walk into the boss’ door carrying your file of righteous ideas, first know when to talk– the right moment.

Here the right moment implies the right situation you should be aware of. Entering into the wrong situation of your boss who may be primarily indulging in a crucial project often sets a bad inkling.

Better adhere to the timing where you know, you get the chance to recite your thoughts finally with your boss without any interruption. And the trick goes by asking in advance. So whenever you feel an instinct of conducting a discussion with your boss, drop a message with a few schedule options to make it super comfortable for them.

The whole point of considering this as a part of your convincing level is its increasing chance of owning your leadership right at the first go which you can’t ignore. On the other hand, also assuring them that you do respect- the time and value they hold.

Express, But Carefully!

Choosing the exact form of words to serve the best on the boss’ table is your duty. To define your choice comes up with the terms of self-expression in the area you want to put in the most effort.

As you all might have heard this phrase-  “What you give is what you get. Something similar applies here in this course of action. Upholding strong emotions in what you do is the only backbone source then you need to push your feedback towards the actual point.

So I must say, concluding your ideas with genuine expression at a gust of self-determination can convert your boss’ ‘no’ to ‘yes’. Only ensure that the emotional energy you portray should process down well enough to leave no option for your boss but to recommend you within an initial phase.

However, it can turn out to drive in the wrong direction where you fail to justify your sense. In order to save your day from performing such missteps, pose a question to yourself whether it is rational to use this or that word while you measure the ambition rate in the air of evoking your boss’ willpower. Refrain using the languages such as “Let me suggest” prompts a comparative tone rather than a collaborative explanation, and hence end up assembling a mixture of conversation with no conviction.

Remember, your motive must aim to cross over promoting your decisiveness in the best interest, not to play the blame game around your boss. (Only if you are interested in not placing your career at stake.)

Hang Around With Your Boss

Just for example, if you desire to buy a product –I can expect you to hop on to its details-then more details on surfing through other sources till you get along with satisfaction. After all, nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money, so do you. Your boss is too like that, a product with tons of experience to check its mandatory details. The more you dig deeper into their details, the clearer approach you frame.

And that can be successfully done by hanging around with your boss more often via becoming his/her helping hand, observing what kind of environment he/she prefers, and just being yourself. Simply!

Here are the key takeaways you’ll get to connect with later on when you start hanging around them:

The good news is your boss will remember your name from then on.

More inclusivity in several projects as a result.

Better awareness of when, what, and how to approach your boss.

Becomes okay to share each other’s ideas.

Even your boss will tend to look forward to your suggestion.

That’s crazy right? Now it might be a sweet conversation. Having said that, the hard part is yet to come when you find out your boss is not your type, often appearing as an obstruction creating enormous issues while persuading things that matter to you. If that’s the problem, the next point stands for you people.

Welcome More Data Visualisation

I suggest you operate 90% of your ideas on the visual level. The visuals that create stories based on numbers function somewhat like this. It compresses the vast information you collect to a logical representation. Not only does it impress your boss but provides a briefing of exactly what you want to contribute to the company. So be it your ignorant boss or demanding boss out there, nothing to worry about when full-fledged data is here to show them your direction.

Take a look at this, for an example:

Source: Pinterest

Brief, conceptual and relevant enough to be understood by anyone in just an hour or few minutes. Think like numbers to visualize it in your way. Once you sort out that, you can start working on curating it.

Act Like a Boss

Oh no, you misunderstood. I meant, act like a boss of yourself, not the boss of your boss. That can indeed lead to a volcanic eruption between the two of you- who knows better? As I’ve mentioned at the outset of this article, never judge someone including your boss based on their faults, if you read it thoroughly. That’s where the point of a convincing game tickles off your boss’s mind with a negative viewpoint about your pitch.

So what you need to do to act like a boss is to dare to stand for the issues you’ve brought down. I often have seen freshers taking a back seat when asked to act on matters they care about. Maybe the fear of facing their boss or listening to passing judgements from co-workers is their priority as that point we care about sounds nice to every representative of the company. We care too much.

But trust me, it doesn’t matter. Instead focus on the bird’s eye (the company),  not on the other settings that fill the content of the company but the key solution that will keep the company alive in another 20 years maybe there in your doubts.

So own it!

Never Take Convincing Game Too Seriously

Because it doesn’t even matter when your boss doesn’t understand the depth of seriousness in the issue. Yes, it is you who defined the issue and wanted to connect with your boss for better discussion, tried your best, failed, but sometimes let it be not your problem.

Walk away when nothing is working in your favour and it is not something that you need to have a headache on. At one point in time, your boss will face the need of the hour when he/she may approach you for the same. Just they need some time to understand, till then just wait.

Pitch- wait- rejected- try once again- if again rejected- not your problem.

To Conclude…

Moreover, the chances of getting success in convincing your boss are fewer attacks, more comments on the section that depicts your curiosity. That is, it should come from within rather than from a piggybacked perspective which is empty from the bottom.

I hope this article helped you to gain insights into how to convince your boss while you feel you’re right. But still, the question never gets away from the mark as it has something deep down to teach you how the world goes on.

Signing off.

See you in another such interesting blog!

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