4 Ways To Handle Pressure At Work

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No wonder that today’s busy and stressful corporate life can trigger strong emotions under pressure. Pulling your hair daily when you get a crazy amount of work is not a healthy way of working. I have been in the corporate sector for a long time. Therefore, I have been approached by many colleagues interested in knowing how to keep oneself motivated, connect with team members, and stay happier at their job. It is not surprising that people are stressed about work because of the hyper-competitiveness in work culture. Everyone would suggest you be calm and stay positive, but it is always easier said than done. This is why I decided to create this article to give people practical advice you can adopt to stay calm at work. Here are some of them:

Stay Away From Negative People

You can approach your work with a positive attitude only if you surround yourself with positive people. Thus, I would suggest you avoid people who carry bad vibes. Always remember that negativity spreads like wildfire, and it eventually induces pressure. It may sound absurd to some, but you should also cut down on your trips to the coffee station at your office. This is because you may encounter doom-and-gloomer if you go to the coffee station too often.

It is also true that a person needs a break when working for a stretch of time, and you may think that a coffee station is an excellent place to chill and shed your load. But, what you should do is you must have a workplace buddy with whom you can have a re-energizing chat during a break. Such a chat will help you in a much better way than staying around negative people.

Focus and More Focus

Once you successfully learn to remain in a positive framework, the next big task is to focus on the work at hand. Many articles will tell you to work on your multitasking skills, but it must not be the case. However, my mantra is that it boosts your performance if you focus your energy on your present task. In addition, it also helps in keeping you calm even under pressure because what most articles on the internet would not tell you is that multitasking induces stress.

You can use specific easy tips to enhance your focus: your attention span has become shorter, and it is easy to get distracted. Thus, I suggest you switch off your mobile phone and personal email notifications when you need to focus. Then, you won’t get stressed if you are more focused on the work you need to do.

Manage Work-Life Balance

To be happier at your office, you must strike a healthy balance between your work and personal life. Two common health issues in the workplace are stress and burnout, and these could be tackled effectively with this balance. If not, it can develop into a severe case of chronic stress that affects your productivity, performance, and relationships. When you are overworked, it is a high possibility that you could risk jeopardizing your social, physical, and mental space.

So, think about fixing stringent working hours for you. Then, begin and finish your job at suitable times and still have the availability outside of work to relish your hobbies and spend time with loved ones. The “me” time is significant in today’s lifestyle when people try to chase money that never ends well. Plan a timeline of your work and personal life. Do accommodate family engagements like vacations, birthdays, gatherings, etc. These activities serve as a stressbuster and help you stay calm.

Reframe Your Perspective

Take a minute and think about why we get stressed at work. No doubt, the reasons would be pressure from unrealistic deadlines, unforgiving managers, and tiring traffic. However, you need to change your perspective and think that all these circumstances are actually out-of-your-hand situations. You can not control these circumstances, but you do have the ability to decide about your response. Therefore, you need to remove sweeping statements such as “Nothing will work out,” “It is all over,” “I can not handle this anymore” from your mindset and reframe your response to these situations.

The Bottom Line

It is not surprising that you may get stressed in this hectic and toxic environment. Sometimes, you can reshape your surroundings, but it does not work every time, and therefore, what is needed is that you bring changes to yourself. These easy and practical strategies that I listed will help you make a better version of yourself who would remain happy even in the most pressurizing time of your work life.

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