5 Basic Skills that Every Young HR Professional should Possess

In the world which is increasingly getting dominated by AI & ML, the future of HR is a good conversation. But irrespective of that, to have a long-lasting career in the HR industry, one needs to grasp these 5 basic skills first that I’m going to share. I know these skills are very basic and almost every HR professional would be aware about them. But these are not easy to execute, especially for the younger professionals. Why? Because of inexperience, lack of self-awareness, and not having a mentor for proper training.

That’s why I want to present this blog as a sort of reminder that these skills are the golden skills that all HR professionals must possess.

1.Interpersonal Skills

The usefulness of interpersonal skills in HR is immense. So, what do you mean by interpersonal skills? It is nothing but a professional as well as social direction to cope up with various problems, ideas, and opportunities at the workplace. In other words, it checks the person’s communication method which isn’t just about conveying a message but mainly about how you deal with different people.

The globalisation of the economy is at a turning point right now and this is high time to be able to adapt to changing situations. And communication will play a huge role in this period. What I mean is that be aware of the communication tone and discrepancies. Solve it as soon as possible by educating yourself on the strategies to maintain healthy communication between you and others.

2.Being the Building Block

As we say, HRs are the building blocks of companies. But why do we say that? Because of the energy that they hold to maintain the strengths of a company. To be proactive means to be able to compete with the odds within the company and preparing it to deal with them in advance. A good proactive HR ideally 2x times strengthens the company. Take small steps to prove yourself every day as a proactive member of the company by :

  • Enhancing your leadership skills through public speaking, multi skilling, or organising any event/meeting. Just dare to take the first step.
  • Collaborating with your networks, co-workers, and boss healthily.
  • Becoming well aware of financial and technical terms. The more you upskill yourself, the better recognition of being an HR you receive
  • Encouraging people surrounding you. Act as a mentor to them.
  • Briefing about a few strategies that can work efficiently for the organization in the future. Have that confidence to portray your ideas.
  • Keeping an eye on your organisation skills and the way you present your goals and strategies.

3.Organisational Skills

A must-have skill to become an independent HR in every aspect. It is a complete package that embraces the chance of getting fit into any and every company. The way you organise typically means the way you conduct meetings, the way you declutter your workspace, and the way you lead your time and team.

To know more about how to get organized at work, read here.

4.Being Digital/Tech Savvy

This is a must in today’s world. It helps you in managing the whole workplace and worklife efficiently. In reality, almost 75% of candidates call them tech savvy but exactly don’t know how to master the relevant business tools. Thus, it is highly recommended to do at least one course on business tools and see how it works magically to sort out your life. You will be able to make your life easy by learning how to navigate large sums of data through these tools.

COVID-19 has forced us to make a huge shift towards digital. Becoming a digital expert in the HR field has huge demand in all the sectors. One who understands new technology and how they are going to impact the field of HR, would be valued more by the industry.

5.Advising Skills: Mentorship

The ability to process all sort of issues such as tactical, operational, etc. and then take up the role of an advisor is what this skill is all about. For that, you need to know how to be a good mentor first. You can aim this by gradually becoming a helping hand for your manager and creating a conducive atmosphere for all the employees. Remember, being able to understand the stakeholders, customers, and employees must be the top priority for young HR professionals.

To Conclude…

As globalisation, intercultural space, and digitization increase their pace, it’s time for all young HR professionals to recalibrate themselves accordingly. That is, one must be data driven, digitally savvy, tech savvy, AI friendly, and organised enough to be compatible with today’s HR world. Are you ready for it?

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