Hustle or No Hustle? What About Both?

Hustle or No Hustle

Hustle or no hustle

Have you read the fable Slow and Steady? I’m sure you must have as everyone else during childhood times. The tortoise there took the hare’s race challenge seriously in a way that instinct made him win the game, poofing away all the impossibilities just in a matter of time. The moral of the story is one single motivation, regardless of its intention—real or unreal, can change your way of living.

Sometimes out of blue you might already know your next footsteps from the word go of your journey without actually knowing—that’s the other voice to rebrand the theory of making it to the cultural rat race norm.

The Hustle Culture.


You may curiously ask me what hustle is for me being in the relevant zone for more than 25 years as of now? Hustle for me is just like our muscle that is meant to grow firmer, and stronger only in one condition and that is proper ‘healthy’ nurturing and training.

When I speak about hustle nowadays, it always means to be au fait with the adrenaline rushes we invest in projecting our personal project, 6 to 10 freelancing type works, or any start-up environment. And then comes so-called solopreneurship, entrepreneurship, and those passive income growth methods. Whatever the reasons you might invest in, your hustle culture always makes sure of two things— no work-life balance and greater skills nourishment.

Now, what does greater skill nourishment look like in a hustle culture? Let me explain it through an example—if you become the boss of one department after 10 to 15 or more years of experience you are eventually considered a maestro. But here in a hustle culture, 5 years or 10 years of experience, doesn’t matter until you know how to sell the product—that’s the end of their game.

Ironically, this is what ‘passion’ is.


I’ve seen wholesome motivational trash theories and speakers who are pretty sure to earn a few bucks by telling you and thousands how to manage your time. Then to the next thousand people and go on– the end of their achievement so far they pretend to have selling dreams, hopes, and emotions is easy in an oyster world. These are the same people who by the end of their college when running out of their pocket money, disguise themselves as motivational gurus realizing that the whole time, they were being a dustbin of no use.

Subsequently, hustle culture introduces them to the real passion of their life. Are we serious? That’s how the whole mechanism works. But who am I to point out? Because back in the early days, people used to be running here and there like a machine for earning loaves of bread. History repeats itself as said. Some of them somehow get used to a regular low-paying job finally while others, so-called ‘skilled’ gems, weep in silence.

Whether you care for financial stability or not, you need to hustle. Whether you have a side income or not, you need to hustle even more to get that one promotion/position you desire for a long time. Whether you decide to go for a start-up or for jobs you didn’t, you have to hustle for jobs anyway to stay ahead. The bottom line is you can’t get rid of it— you’ll relate to it every day in some way or the other and you can’t do anything about it.

Let’s keep it like that rather than trying to find 100 ways to eradicate the beauty of hustle forever. I know there are plenty but it’s not worth your time. I’ve myself gone through some articles and social posts starting with “Hustle Culture is Toxic” and wondering aren’t they going to make money out of it?



So what is important? Here is to filter down the ideas of 24/7 hustle culture from what it really wants to indicate. Everyone has different standards for success. You and I have no right to shame one for it. And sometimes, simplicity is the best and for others, they call it minimalism.

Everyone is driving crazy towards hustle culture is a half-baked truth. Especially recently when I  flick through an article in New York Times, I discovered some interesting insights on how employees are risking their jobs to march in different protests against violence, monopolistic behavior, and misuse of information.

Employees are now more courageous than ever, which is a chance to revolt against the main mission of reinventing the work culture. Thar doesn’t mean it is surely a guarantee to expect such transformation either, as humans are now more complex than ever as well.

Only time will tell.

That is all for today, take care and have great days ahead!

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