5 Typical Signs of Any Micromanager

Typical Signs of Any Micromanager

Typical Signs of Any Micromanager | What are the signs of a micromanager? | Signs of micromanagement | Signs That You’re a Micromanager

In my last blog, I shared with you some tips and tricks on how to stop micromanaging your team. To know them a little better, you must be aware of the 5 typical signs of any micromanager, which I’m going to share here today. 

If these signs particularly match their trait/daily in-office activities, only then you can consider taking the best actions accordingly against such micromanagers.

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5 Typical Signs of Any Micromanager

1. They Set a Weird Obsession Trend

Whether I mention their projects, company goals, constant updates, or personal ideas, micromanagers are always over-lived by all these in the majority. And that leads to doing everything ‘extra’—extra care, extra supervision and so and so. Even if they’re self-obsessed too to abide by their own rules, none of the other’s opposition matters here.

2. They need to be CCd

Literally, in everything means everything. Such micromanagers possess an insecure character or are always in a rush of proving themselves. One of the prominent ways is this annoying way of asking you to include them in every mail. If you know someone in your tribe, know it’s clearly a red sign. 

3. How Often do They Say They Trust You?

Can’t remember right? 

As expected. It’s common to experience such things more often because it is just about them, and themselves—nothing else matters. Ironically they are in the managerial position, and still, they fail to manage those trust issues by having direct communication.

4. Their FOMO is their Overall Ego

It is obvious that micromanagers are born to be egoistic and they regret it in their later period until self-realization and some common sanity take place. Like the first point I made, they also tend to behave in a FOMO way, thinking that this is the ultimate chance to make everything alright in one go. Also in other terms, they don’t want to disappoint their top A-lister right ahead watching on them, waiting for the right time to pinpoint their nose.

5. They Tell You ‘Exactly’ What to Do

You may or may not notice every other sign of an imposter micromanager, but this is a guaranteed sign. All they will start with proposing their method of doing certain works, without bothering to fall under group suggestions in the final minutes—that’s too vulnerable to them.

To Conclude…

I hope this blog will be a success to help you enough to know whether you’re currently in the wrong spot or else belong to the same tribe of micromanagers. Whatever it is, stay away from micromanaging things (the act of redoing things) if you wish to survive in today’s corporate life. 

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