Stop Micromanaging Your Team: Know How?

How to Stop Micromanaging Your Team

Micromanaging is an instant mood spoiler for all your teammates. As a result, this leaves doubt about their self-esteem, raises irritability, congested productivity, arid creativity, and what else not? Poor them, shouldn’t they deserve a better working world with high-value feedback and management?

I know you are deeply concerned about quality checks. I know you don’t want to fail in staying relevant with the company’s dos and don’ts. I also know that you are a perfectionist after all. But you never know what could be the side-effects of doing so in the future, because everything has a con, right? You never know what could transpire if one day none of your best team steps forward on your mission.

Thus, this blog is here to let you know how to stop micromanaging your team to have the best of the best company outgrowth. Take a quick read!

Start With Warm Appreciation

Make a daily pledge with yourself that no matter what comes next, you have to have the mentality of appreciating your team members. What every employee wants more than salary or anything else is the desire to be equally seen and addressed. Or that their effort should deserve your least appreciation or say feedback, which truly make a sense to their day.

Try To Be All Ears

Listening is critically powerful in this regard of being able to decipher what your teammates want you to point out. While you try to micromanage their work, first get ready with your questions to ask them right away to gradually become a better listener by heart. As you do this, you give your team and yourself even the freedom to think, recreate and rationalize outcomes based on both poles’ discussions on what needs to be done.

Outsource Someone As Expert As You

It is probably a great idea to hire somebody of your taste and skills. For example, if you’re a client of five team members handling different responsibilities for your personal branding, consider extending your team to one or two more. What happens through this, is you get a lot more space to focus on your actual responsibilities rather than micromanaging your teamwork every time you find a fault in their rough work. Let the one whom you hired take up this process or you just let delegate your tasks among your existing team members if they are willing to.

Conduct Brainstorming Sessions

Have a word with them about your expectations rather than keeping your suggestion ahead when their task gets over. And the only way to make them realize the significance of the project is by conducting a daily meeting without failure. Whereas it also helps you to realize their viewpoints and how their idea can help you to achieve those targets. In short, no one can beat brainstorming sessions and is highly useful for every kind of micromanager to resolve their micromanaging issue at its best peak.

Take a Day/Week/Month Out

I mean travel! Because why not, life is one. It also means that sometimes you need to go off and don the back seat ID for clear observation, not speculation this time. We get so deep in the work that we forget about what’s happening around us. Thus to be aware of your state, you need to go off the working zone and let them do their bit. It’ll also help you to gain a larger scope on the question: How can I trust them? The biggest insecurity of any micro-manager.

Finally, Ask Yourself This Simple Question

Is this my job to do?

Your job is nobody’s pain, remember this and answer accordingly. Most micromanagers I’ve seen never over-suggests but they do over regret the fact of overdoing certain works of others.

The solution?

Keep your liability of favoring everyone aside and giving a couple of suggestions on the other side. Because when you mix both for the sake of having a better image, you waste a lot of time on ‘other’ fronts and time is valuable, as you know. No one on earth doesn’t get paid for what they do, it’s high time to stop spoon-feeding your team members.

To Conclude…

Spoon feeding or micromanaging your team, if that has indeed become a part of your daily activities, then it’s definitely the time to stop for your overall benefit. If you still can’t get rid of it, watch on formatting the right culture of your team more because when the right people come in, everything changes.

Alright, this is it for today!

See you in the next soon

Till then take care and have great days ahead

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