Are You Made for Corporate Life? Check Out the Following Traits

How do you decide corporate life is not for you

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Are you made for corporate life? Or, is corporate life always made for you?  You know but you doubt. Or some other alike confusing questions, which carry a bunch of gestures on the ground to denote your corporate job potential. As I firmly believe in personality-wise career choices, corporate life is no different from setting its own standards of certain traits and handpicking the best of best behavior for doing an ultimate bang-up job. To understand the same, let’s boil down to the following traits to answer the question–

Are you made for corporate life or not?

You have an Aim and Shoot Personality

You are certain what’s up for next and you don’t like to hold on to the same issues for a longer period. Every corporate has this known magic of keeping methodological processes and systems bound together for a better collective output tomorrow. If you love to own and execute in the same way, then this works for you.

You are Enthusiastic About People

That means you don’t like the fact of being a loner every time and not being around people, because otherwise, that makes you feel lunatic. For you, being there with people is stringing to rejuvenation therapy. You love the ambiance of working in a space of 200+ people, those brainstorming sessions, helping your colleagues out for a project, and then playing those groupie plays to make your boss laugh out loud. If that is so, you must have great EQ to make it to the corporate life that you must join.

You are a Master of Managing Small to Small Things

From managing control costs, and quality rates to fixing team disputes and risks, and last but not least your time,  you are always there by our side. Also, you can’t stop micromanaging certain things that need to be certain from the company’s perspective. In a large corporation where multiple personalities work, it’s important to be open enough to welcome such issues and make it error-free as soon as possible before another one arrives in. In other words, you have to be a great problem solver, which can be of great advantage to top management in the company in case they need you in the future as a replacement.

You are a Number Person

Everyone loves result-oriented progress, but how many people love to drive through number-oriented progress? Corporate life has to go into ups and downs every year, and that is mostly determined by number predictions, and calculations to plan the next or next of next biggest outputs. You understand the statistics, and their value and act accordingly.

Every person from executives, and HR to SDE-III engineers, irrespective of their background, need to fast forward the growth of their company by taking the help of those records for monetizing net promoter score (NPS), yearly.

The only solution remains to think critically like an organization, rather than as a person. That’s the typical secret of sustaining under a corporate umbrella for a longer time, but for that, you need to be again aware of the numbers and numerical terms. Another thing, you prioritize more on compensation over learning, which makes you a number person anyways.

So are you ready for this? Ask yourself once more.

You have a Contagious Persuasive Power

Nevertheless whatsoever happens, it won’t affect the deepest of your skin. This is because you know the art, the art of dealing with different clients, people in your tribe, and hard-core works that require hours and attention. In corporate life, you cannot surrender yourself because you are tired or you want to procrastinate, this is the harsh truth about all corporate lives. You need to keep on sticking around a deadline mindset and the way you deal with it through your experience and a never-give-up attitude. The signs to show you have a strong mindset, are as follows-

  • You always have the right words in your mind~ effective communication ability
  • You are keen to hear various opinions to improvise your methods
  • You are always the last to conclude

Well as I said you must have extraordinary power to deal with different to-do stuff of the day, these three points won’t be enough to justify this power. But first, practice by getting accustomed to people, as that’s most of your corporate dealing career.

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You are Minimalistic

You love to work on microcosms of the entire project and encourage no compromise on those same small details. You love adjoining collaborations with other ones. You do love work on a priority basis. These all represent the work ethic of working under a big MNC.

To Conclude…

The thing is there is no time to think about whether or not you are made for a corporate, rather the thing is to act and trust your instincts. To reminisce my journey, I was nowhere close to working under divine media start-ups like MX Player where I’m currently working as an HR Head, it was just a matter of time perseverance, and experimentation with new things every day that get me into this point. My final words would be: Be ready to drink water from every mountain pass to know your worth.

That’s all for today.

See you in the next, till then take care and have great days ahead.

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