Play Your Best Innings to reach the Top of the Corporate Ladder: Know-How

climbing the corporate ladder

Are you struggling to achieve a work-life balance? If so, I’ve a solution for you by providing a real-case study on my latest episode-1 of Coaching Chronicles.

The best things come in when you dedicatedly play your best innings. Reaching the top of the corporate is a never-ending ladder that takes your gut and risk to get out of your current zone but remember, it has to do all on your own.

Being led in the corporate sail for more than 25 years, I want you to know the certain key factors of reaching where you desire to reach.

Here I go!

1.Be a People’s Favourite Go-to Person

Wherever you go, always strive for a long-term network; the real job is there. Give your hand to your boss, co-workers, and clients. Know the organisation’s goals and problems and where you fit in and how you can do more. Make them look and feel good. Relationships then only eventually turn out to be more compatible as compared to relationships sounding a robotic mindset- work, done, go.


  • Take time and responsibility for the things that others have overlooked.
  • If done, good job! That’s the first step towards impressing people.
  • Be as productive as possible and not to miss deadlines.
  • Improve your communication skill- the only way to express your willingness.
  • Join more and more associations in your field.
  • Dare to take the trouble (similar to the first point)
  • Never mess with the integrity. Be honest 🙂

Someone said it right, “Align yourself with the people and projects at the highest levels of attention and expectation. This gives you visibility and the chance to shine more quickly.”

 Remember, if you don’t understand people, you will never understand business.

2.Rate Yourself on Every Competencies

When it comes to tracking down your ability, feedback from the smart ones do make sense. Critique yourself in terms of your past performance and ask these three questions-

  • Refer your senior’s feedback and ask yourself genuinely- did I work on it?
  • Is there any chance I found through comparing my last and latest performances?
  • Does this progress make me happy? If not, why?

The questions are critical and thus, I want you to ponder deeply to decide on the rest. The rest here determine where you want to go, how to improve further, what else to do inside and so and so doubts are rambling on your mind.

3.Switch Companies like Grasshoppers

Apart from targeting the next company, measuring the energy is so important to know about a strategy called 80%—20% strategy. Spend no more than 80% of your energy on your current job and make sure your current job is done well. You have to spend at least 20% of your energy on the target job you want to climb up to. This includes volunteering when there’re opportunities or just expanding your responsibility without additional headcount/resources.

4.Try to do Bridge Courses Related to Your Domain

Bridge courses are courses that brush up your basics to shape up your clear scope of sky lifting your job position. Keep growing your expert status and credibility in your field, not just within your company. Agree to it or not, multiple junior professionals overlook the bases of their domain such as business communication, the art of negotiation, learning skill basics and so forth.

Do not avoid these minimum courses at any cost. Build yourself through that and it is not because I’m saying, you have to engage yourself in such courses as if you want to. It is more important to actually begin with climbing the first top stairs of the corporate ladder under the hierarchy level.

As I say, be a useful resource.

5.Finally, Avoid Thinking About Promotions

The more you daydream about your better job and salary, the more you start to sink into the depth of setting unrealistic standards. Take a break from such manipulative thoughts, instead work harder on your current responsibilities.

To Conclude…

It is vital to carefully handpick your thoughts on why you want to quickly climb the corporate ladder. What do you hope to gain? What do you hope to gain from it? Is it money, power, or celebrity? In turn, why do you want that thing? How far back in time can you trace the chain of motivations before it becomes emotionally uncomfortable to consider or your reasoning becomes hazy?

My advice, in short, is to think about what you are trying to become and why.

Alright, signing off…till then take care and have great days ahead!

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