Fix the Feeling of Under-confidence At Your Job

under confident at your job

They say showing confidence at your job in first rounds are typically carrying ‘being privileged’ tags are wrong. What do we mean by this? In fact, the point in feeling confident has little to do with horsepower features like English fluency, lots of information. That’s a general detailing of a person.

Details and segments of feeling confident takes opposite definition. While details has to stress more on how you present your outer self at your company, segments aka the parts are the very moments where you enjoy to be yourself. Well that we can discuss later. Now coming to the actual thing…

Why do most feel uncomfortable or under-confident at such job situations is worth asking ten thousand times before you hop into how to repair this feeling. Many such conditions like inability to align with company’s work culture, less independence or low salary significantly, people at there are the main root causes behind your not-feel-good vibes.

Let’s see what’s more and how to fix this feeling of under-confidence at your job.

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Every Job Failure is a Redirection: Know this

Likewise whenever you feel dubious about yourself, know that you need to redirect your negative thinking in a positive way. As I firmly believe in growing through life. Wonder how? Check my recent article on this.

At your job, I assume you often face rejection from co-workers around you. You may get drown into the daily tasks that no longer excite you. Everything seems boring to you which possibly raises your lack of confidence. My advice in this term would be not to fixate expectations, all sort of experience you’ve been through that fell through.

Instead, have patience- perceive it as redirection which is the first come first serve for stealing eyes at your workplace.

Drop Yourself into Uncomfortable Situations: Try this

there is a trap called COMFORT

Current reasons for not feeling confident enough at your job has one common problem and that is, your comfort zone. It is not good to be true I mean to picture but one must avoid when it’s time to avoid.

However there is a specific situation to note. If you are someone who has a deep desire inside to do something out of box, then go for it. But it has no intention to make you feel harder on yourself level beyond your potential and capabilities- which is unhealthy. Make sure you dust off the unnecessary changes to make, expectations to share with yourself in order to blow up your colleagues’ mind. Mind that you strike those details that possess no link with your ultimate personality.

Now how to know when I should step out of my comfort zone?

Look at a real-life example when a two-year old baby crawls until the time has come to take a step in making the habit of walking on feet. They fall, again fail to preserve balance and then again, thus encouraging themselves to fall for the trap and get easy as soon as they come up in form.

Be like Baby!

Noise Cancel the Hush-Hush: Seek Questions

Asking some questions are deliberately designed to give a chance to those judgemental bosses and co-workers to stop right there and think before they throw up another narrow statement against you. While asking questions you may make a fool of yourself you might think, but let me say you’ve already started to do the right thing.

Have faith in yourself and the relatable convictions you wanted to incline into since so long. This also leads to a critical approach to your responsibilities, which gets to have your solutions more clearer and confident.

And that’s when a new period enters.

Take a Mentor/Therapist: Make a Peace with Yourself

Taking a mentor/ therapist for your personal professional development is a much-needed break for you, trust me. Given that they should have their own formula to get you up and lead your own life at confidence. Otherwise a waste of money and time as well.

One of the biggest reason behind not seeking out a mentor or therapist is considering half-boiled norm of pretending to be fragile and weaker than others. Or some of them may have a ego problem, too. But no one can imagine the benefits of going under a personal training program.

Thus, I request you to please take this seriously. Check on those top rated counsellors, or join those professional trainings. Itdoesn’t hurt to discuss it with someone and develop a communication plan that works for you Go get hold of the possible destination by adding this in your bucket list. Remember the way we feel at work all starts from within our mind.

To Conclude…

We all feel under-confident at one stage of our lives, or many often forever. But this is not the end, but a way of life. Tracking down the problems you face daily at your job will assure the rest of what needs to be done at your level to up your confidence.

Well this is it!

See you in the next blog, till then take care and have great days ahead!

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