How to Grow Through What You Go Through?

Here’s my question: How well do you respond to what you are going through? For aeons, we’ve been hardwired to survive by adhering to the time of our life, not to our life that fills this time. Hence, forgetting the real mantra of our life. Life is neither butterflies and rainbows nor a bed of roses, it is just what it has to be. Everything you see, feel, think and curate is connected to the past or future, but there’s no intersecting line, which is the present until it exists in the middle of both.

Today all I want to talk about is “survival” and I guess, everybody wants to survive ensuring on another hand, they continue growing and flourishing throughout the kind of situation/problem they are in. Here I predict some of the tip factors you can resonate with, possibly to grow through what you go through.

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Monitor the Darkness in the Light

When we go through a challenge, we are always in a hurry to dust out all sorts of darkness from our positive expectations from it. We often fail to accept that it is too a part of what you go through- don’t get gob-smacked by the darkness in the form of light is the first step towards your growth instead embrace it. Know that light and dark although come polar wise, fall under similar conditions for projecting your growth standard in the current situation.

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” – Rabindranath Tagore

This is how it is.

The Hedonism factor

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Here comes the second criteria of growing through what you go through!

Sadly most people flash out the magnetic blazes on more money, more growth, more results, and more ideas. In a way that they tend to become so busy with their delusional mind to understand their ultimate life vision.

Hedonism realisation must take place in such times, conceptualised mainly by Lokyata philosophers. This may seem an off-bit in terms of keeping a direct track of this topic I bring to your table. Now going into the detail, the hedonism concept gives an account of pleasure in satisfaction measurements. Furthermore, nature stands for both pain and pleasure; to point out what we ought to do and to determine what we shall do.

As a result, it paves the way for conducting simple practices on life’s innocuous happiness and getting rid of things you’ve been hankering after. What I want you to pick from here is right in front of you. Do whatever it takes to reach your goal to an extent where you need not join compulsive theories of getting that. Adhering to this universal phenomenon of hedonism can help you to think more deeply about the ‘must-be’ root causes of your happiness.

Note this for yourself.

Be Specific on Whether You want to Go through or Grow through

Many people seem to be perplexed when it comes to supposing what is right and wrong for them. Similarly, going through a time and growing through it sets a specific difference, which I guess most don’t pay heed to. Let’s look forward to what these two have to say about themselves.

‘Going through’ has a childlike explanation about deciding to take your life as it is. No control over your decisions and doing mistakes and not learning from them retain innumerable chances of feeling safe and stable at one point.

Whereas ‘growing through’ your situation has plentiful opportunities with a growth mindset, shapes you up into a never-settling character.

Having said that both have their definite pros and cons, one must listen to what their goal says, not their sorrow, anything or anyone implies. So better be clear at this, take time as long as you want to till you find the answer.

To Conclude…

Growing through what you’re going through is indeed an off the cuff journey and one must not take it for granted just because they don’t have enough access now. Taking the right advantage of the days is in your hand and mine is to direct you with my pieces of advice. Hope you enjoyed this blog.

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Till then take care and have great days ahead!

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