Here’s Why You Feel Inferior At Times: How to Get Over it?

why you feel inferior at times

After a long time no see, here I come back with another piece of advice to share with you that I completely care about. And that is- the miserable feeling of inferiority.

Inferiority in most ways shows the sign of knottiness that ties you on behalf of competitions surrounding you with uncertain, irrelevant must-haves. It involves comparing oneself with others in terms of success rate or stamina they have, fear of insecurities, how to survive through it, and so forth.

But one thing is clear: you do live in such an inferior room at times when you can’t escalate from that kind of situation, rather a difficult one. Before heading on to the getting-over-inferiority part, let me analyse why you have it often.

So here we go.

Here’s Why You Feel Inferior At Times

What is real vs reel?

Often this question leads to confusion as usual. Several times you tend to give up on elements that sum up the light of real thought. This happens due to many such overseeing factors, one of which is inferiority in the name of insecurity.

Now I will be first why you feel like this to take actions more effectively.

Neglecting Overlooked Data

Every person is a social brand image nowadays, relying upon it for everything will cost nothing but always be a choice. Hence, most people fail to analyse what works internally or what not to justify their rational thoughts as a growing population of data, data, and data.

Don’t you agree?

Something They Have Which You Don’t

Every time you sit down with yourself, you have a massive conclusion carried out by your brain trying to convince you, “You are good for nothing.”  Moreover making you feel unsatisfied with what you have and the journey you went through for so long.

You start to love considering it as a full-time hobby. Compare their journeys with yours, their background with yours, choices with yours, and everything. 

This eventually turns out to be a massive reason why you feel inferior at times.

Your Mind Plays the Most

Someone righty coined, that is- “Your mind itself is your biggest enemy.” 

It rages you in such a way with constant don’ts instead of more dos.  So your brain as a stalker is tracking something of a person, it willingly knocking you at the things he/she has versus the things you don’t have.

Again the comparison mode gets on.

The question is, will it bring you the kind of happiness that your brain is trying to picture? The answer is simply no.

In most cases, know that brains do lie.

Jealousy- All in One

99% of the people in the world don’t mind their own business because that bothers them. Funny and nothing new right?

Jealousy succeeds in creating a subconscious path of barrier associated with feeling inferior, which is giving most the reasons why they feel something is wrong with them.


Let’s admit the fact that you and most others try to pretend to be someone or something to please others at the expense of hiding your own identity.

And I guess, you might have done this experiment with yourself fewer times which affects your overall perspective about yourself.

Now, How To Get Over It?

Getting over it is not an easy task as it may seem to access sunshine and candy feelings throughout existence. But it can be made possible with a few relevant steps to soak in on the grounds of acceptance, maintenance, rejections, collaborations, and becoming exceptionally exceptional.

Without much blabbering, here I go-

Self-Acceptance Comes First

The moment you shower yourself with the care and love you deserve, you find yourself proud of your journey, your mini. to the max. growth, and your bit-to-bit flaws.

The initial trick to overcome judgment on your capability is to learn or to do something of or beyond your level.

Grow Through It

Sit back and think what if you can achieve to such an extent that you thought you were never capable of. What if everything suddenly starts making sense? And you are willing to take it as a learning rehab and move on?

As even the Google CEO Sundar Pichai accepts this ideology and made an insightful pitch that needs some serious attention-

You have to work with people who make you feel insecure. Because you are working with people who are better than you. If you are comfortable in what you do, then you are not pushing yourself. It is an inherent part of learning.

This is exactly what I want you to understand and how you need to flip your ongoing thoughts of inferior feeling.

Learn from the people, and strong criticism to grow through it.

Just Reverse the Side

As I was just discussing, you need to change the way of feeling insecure by diversifying your source of the network. 

Take online courses available worldwide, work towards your self-improvement course, be around better people, and try out some new perspectives.

Ultimate results in a positive outcome.

So next time onwards if you feel the same, know the root cause of feeling so and embrace it instead.

Better Become Your Own Boss

It does not matter with whom you are going to have a meeting. What it takes is all the confidence of becoming a boss to the replies you give. It is high time to ponder on the originality that each one of you possesses, rather than giving a chance to dominate their ideas over yours’.

In reality, we all carry the same vibe, the same tendency to build something of our own but in a different way.

Own up your mistakes, doubts, questions, and responsibilities like a boss.


  • If it is the best way you feel so.
  • If you want to squat in the field.
  • If you had worked hard on it.
  • If you love to give your 100%.

Remember, it is all about your decisions at the end of the day.

If You Only Allow to…

Another reason is simply this- that ‘complex’ feeling inferior to others takes the chance on you more and more only if you allow it to reside in you. Hence quite successful in diverting you from all other stuff to do in your day.

I believe whatever you allow your mind will come to you as a reflection. So better watch out for how long you are keeping the trash in your mind. Just delete it if it is too late.

Celebrate Your Weirdness

Shut down what stops you. Celebrating your weird side means being supernatural with who you are and feeling okay to make mistakes, reveal some of them, and express them openly without any fear.

To Conclude…

It is fine to feel inferior at times, again to remind us- that we are humans. Bounded by emotions, easily driven by glittery things around us and within us. This blog on one of the vocal issues I consider inferiority is a push-notification for you all to define what life is beyond that.

I hope you feel this and give your best in the coming days accordingly.

That’s it for today.

Signing off!

Stay tuned for some more.

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