Top 5 Must-Read Books for Self-Improvement

must read books

“A book in need is a good book indeed”.

Hence, choose the right ones wisely. If you want to improve yourself, reading a good book can help you in that case. A good read is a must to know about the right and wrong facts. A good read helps you to cope up with all the life situations, especially failure.

Now let’s come to the major issue- how can you improve yourself day by day? Well, self-improvement is the mirror face of what we call self-motivation. My same suggestion goes to the question: READ, READ, and READ.

Start reading and you’ll surely experience the above changes that I mentioned. Talking about my journey of reading books, I feel like I’m in heaven with a fruitful connection between words and me. That’s how books never fail to leave a thought of becoming a better version of myself.

Today when I am talking about self-improvement, exploration, books and more, then I would recommend my top 5 must-read books for self-improvement.

PS: Applicable for all kinds of readers.

Let’s go through this list.

1. The Secret Principles of Genius, by I. C. Robledo

The title says all about the book- how to be a genius comes as your first thought about this book. But this isn’t the truth. To know more, you must read this. It gives a deep study of how top dedicated notable people make the best out of their day to day life such as Steve Jobs, Amar Bose, Bruce Lee and the list goes on. Certain habits have been specified to understand the conclusion of the book that ‘Everyone can be a genius’.

This book is perfect in every way to mention the qualities and secondly, how to apply those qualities/principles in reality. Highly understandable, easy to memorise, and a complete self-improvement package in just 207 pages. Kudos to the genius author who made it possible and threw a limelight on the principles that matter.

2. Bhagavad Gita, Originally Written by Ved Vyasa

Here we go with another masterpiece that I would love to let you read (if you haven’t yet). Although this book is known more from a religious perspective but that is just a one-sided or incomplete portrayal of the actual theme and objectives of this book.

But, how? You’ll soon realize it when you start reading this book and analysing things on your own. It has a lot more to say about righteousness acts as the incarnation of self-improvement that we always look forward to.

It has driven thousands of people belonging to different cultures and religions by its thoughts, humanity, belief, and affection. Once again making all of us believe that WE are ONE.

Ever asked yourself who you are and what is your purpose? Or are you in a perplexing situation regarding the same? With about 700 verses, Bhagavad Gita has all capabilities to reinstall your life with the power of two major pieces of knowledge- Eternity and Righteousness.

3. Atomic Habits, by James Clear

Tiny changes, Remarkable Changes-this one phrase covers the whole content of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Atomic Habits. To clarify, the primary motto of this book is to offer “an easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones”. Habits are the form of self-improvement we strive for every day.

Everything involves a habit. And this is how the book is totally worth it to read and guide you on the path of engaging with small habits that make a difference. Here are the five Ws to question yourself before you start reading:

✓Want to grow in your career prospects?

✓Want to achieve more?

✓Want to develop a skill?

✓Want to change your way of seeing things?

✓Want to adapt to a recent transformation?  

Another reason why I’m fond of this book is that the constructive ideas and framework of practical thoughts shared in this book are so well versed and easy to apply in our daily lives.

4. The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Alchemist is a novel, yet it guarantees touching the heart of million readers across the globe. This book can fit perfectly for you if you are a fan of adventurous tales that instil a sense of positivity, peace, and faith. That’s all we want right? This book isn’t a good read just rather I would say it’s high time not to miss out on this book that takes you to a different world.

I don’t know, but it marks a red light for those coming with no purpose and helps to find their purpose. If you observe the comparison between the last three books and this books that I have mentioned, there’s hardly any reasonable point to compare. It means that all books are correlated to each other and want to address the same message in different ways to the people to find themselves.

5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson

The day you start living your life with your standards is the day when you will appear in the best possible version of yourself. I love this book and choose this book to come under the top 5 must-read for your self-improvement. Mark Manson left no stone unturned in expressing his concerns and motivating people through his randomness.

It deals with what we deal with every day. That is, “what people may say”. This super cool book focuses on this thought based on which they want to have raw communication with a large number of people. Plus, it provides you with pragmatic experiences and examples that can certainly give you the real after-effects of reading this book.

To Conclude…

I’m pretty sure about the fact that these top 5 must-read books will help you to discover yourself in a way that has never happened before. Start today with any one of these 5 books and experience the change in YOU.

For now, keep doing great things and last but not least, keep exploring because life is too short.

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