Smart Ways to Impress Your Boss at Work Without Sucking Up

impress your boss

Corporate success depends on hard work, perseverance and ingenuity. But there’s a fourth factor that complements all these when it comes to exponential success — soft skills. In simplest terms, soft skills are the ability to get along with people. Corporate success is reliant on codependencies, so having strong interpersonal skills can aid in fast track growth.

The most significant codependency on which having a good or bad day at work depends is your supervising authority, your immediate boss. Being good at your work can recommend you to your bosses, but that’s not all. For corporate success, you have to make your presence felt. So here we have some ground rules to pave your way to corporate success by becoming your boss’s favourite.

Boss’s Favourite

Ways to be Your Boss’s Favorite

To impress your boss doesn’t mean you have to suck up to them and laugh boisterously at their lamest jokes. It’s more about making your presence felt in the right way. There’s a fine line between sycophancy and maintaining a personal rapport. Being in your boss’s good books can be rewarding for fast track growth in the company and exponential success in your career in the long run. Here’s how you can be your boss’s favorite without buttering them up:

Improve the Perception of Your Inputs as an Employee

  • Be on time: There’s no better way to project a professional image than being to work on time. It reflects sincerity and commitment. Try to plan your commute in a way that you reach on time and possibly before your boss arrives at work.
  • Dress appropriately: Dressing well is the most significant aspect of non-verbal professional communication. Appropriate dressing can impress your boss as your effort to dress well for the job reflects sincerity and meticulous attention to details.
  • Stay focussed: Be present at all times. The key to corporate success lies in being perceived as a professional who means business. Don’t be seen as paying your bills, shopping online, aimlessly surfing or browsing social media between work. Don’t spend too much time discussing non-work related topics with your colleagues, as this reflects that your mind is elsewhere.
  • Handle your system like a pro: You might not be an IT wizard but learn to handle your system with minimum assistance. Maintain a healthy working relationship with the IT support team in case you need assistance. Appearing more as a problem solver than a complainant will make you your boss’s favourite.
  • Move around the office space quickly: Be agile in your movements around the office space. Lethargic movement communicates that you are more relaxed than you should be during work hours. So whether you are headed to the photocopier, the water filter,or to speak to another colleague, make your business quick. This shows that you are busy.
  • Remain Positive: Never complain openly about the workload, a new office policy or some other trouble at work. If you are facing problems, approach the proper authorities to discuss constructive solutions.
employee taking to boss

Improve the Perception of Your Outputs as a Company Resource

  • Be proactive: Come up with new ideas and assignments before your boss nudges you to. Be the one with solutions and ingenuity who does a lot more than sitting and waiting for instructions. Never say no to new projects.
  • Respect the deadlines: The best way to impress your boss is to be ready with deliverables before time. If maintaining a deadline looks too ambitious, discuss it with your boss beforehand. Tell them about the pain points and ask for additional help if required. They will see that your concern is not just with delivering on time but with delivering quality work.
  • Stay updated on industry-related news: Be the first one to know industry related updates. Make industry contacts, participate in forums and conferences and gain recommendations that bring you to your boss’s notice.

Pay Genuine Compliments

Genuine compliments are necessary to impress your boss. No, we do not recommend going out of the way to compliment their dressing sense or sense of humour. Instead, acquaint yourself with your boss’s work and appreciate them for it. Pay a genuine compliment on a research paper they got published or a speech they delivered at a conference. Seek their professional advice in areas you need help with.

employee shaking hand with boss


Interpersonal relations at work are extremely important. If you want to impress your boss, show that you are a team player. Get along with people and never miss an office event. Make your presence felt every time!


Being in your boss’s good books is not that difficult. Apart from the promise of corporate success, it also ensures that your days at the workplace run smoothly. Even when you leave the job for better prospects, you get good recommendations if you can impress your boss.


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