5 Things you must do in your 20s

5 things to do in your 20s

How about a life only filled with perfection and success? Surely, it will become a ‘dream come true’ moment. Even I can’t assure you the same because people who crave non-existence expectations from themselves usually end up with no purpose in their lives. Isn’t this true?

But I can assure you one thing, especially if you’re belonging to the 20-30 age group. I can show you the path to choose the right opportunities in front of you and also in such a way that later on you have no regret residing deep in your heart. There are a few things you must do in your 20s to have a head start in your life.

If you’re in your 20s right now, it’s a MUST-READ for you all.

5 Things you must do in your 20s

1. Add a Repertoire of Your Experience in One Form- Resume/Portfolio

Keep doing things that interest you. Also, keep collecting experiences that you must mention in your portfolio and resume. Just to clarify, there’s a difference between making a portfolio and making a resume. Both look similar but they’re not in actuality.

Here’s what you should learn about:

• Resume- that gives a brief overview of yourself, your background, and your skills.

• Portfolio- that provides a detailed description of whatever work you’ve done.

Write a Professional Resume & Stand Out from the Crowd

Three things on your resume, “WHAT did you do? The reason behind it WHY? And WHAT was the outcome?” The answer to these questions…

Both hold specific importance in your 20s that you can’t avoid. For creating your resume and portfolio, start with a fresh mind and think about the major points that need to be added. For that, of course, you need experience that can be only gathered through participating in different events or projects, interning, or working in any company for a year or two.

If you haven’t much experience or skills to introduce yet in your resume, then do it NOW. How? Gather knowledge, experiment with different internships or works that you haven’t done before, participate more in any situation, and do some online courses on subjects that matter to you.

Remember, this is the age, my friend.

2. Networking with Professionals – Branding Yourself 

Now, once you’ve decided what you want to do and added up those skills in your first-ever resume, start opening up social accounts like LinkedIn. That’s the best and simplest way of expanding your network.

You may have a question- “why is it so important?” and so on- the doubts regarding the same never end, I know, right? A few studies reveal that people with decent networks face higher chances to reach their destination and guess what? It works efficiently. Let’s talk about LinkedIn aka the ultimate source of what a modern resume looks like. It does a brilliant job in signing up for your account, finding out those people within seconds, and then BOOM happens.

Make sure that there should be no compromise on quality. It means to choose people wisely, as simple as that. Never make a compromise with your LinkedIn handle in terms of connections; posts are what define your thoughts and the qualities you possess.

Reaching out to people is as important as your branding which indirectly correlates with what you do and what your services and thoughts are all about. Being able to communicate easily in a fast-paced environment is what I used to look for in my 20s journey. And, in that case, you’re such a blessed soul. It just takes one tap to send a quick request and to start having a quick conversation.

Coming to the next point, the benefits of communicating with people of the same profession or your dream company are unlimited. Sending cold emails, and DMs are enough to kick-start your career full of opportunities. As I said, everything is possible nowadays, what matters is your willingness and energy to change your life. Plus, you’ll get to know a lot of things, transform them into ideas, and produce your original version of ideas. 

The unstoppable circle of human life begins and ends with a web-like network of communicating ideas and thoughts. And, passing the same to the other, then other to one another. I think that’s human nature and that’s what our purpose is all about. The same applies here- Try to connect with people who are ahead of you, share your knowledge as well as seek theirs.

Make it a habit to see a better future that depends on us. You can say, one of the only ways to survive. It just starts with one conversation and the rest is history. Try it for yourself or else get ready to regret it in your 30s.

3. Don’t Rely Upon the Same Knowledge – Upgrade Yourself

This one sounds more motivational. It’s something that one should follow irrespective of their stream, the choices they have for themselves. Here, nothing new to talk about. You can extract knowledge and skills from small actions you take every day. It can range from getting involved in a team for a project to learning through books and online courses to express your ideas.

If you’re in your early 20s and have already started paying attention to reading books, and earning knowledge from various courses and even professionals, then kudos to you. Or if you haven’t, then start NOW. It’s never too late. That’s all I wanted to say and I have firm faith in your capabilities of understanding this fact as early as possible.

4. Never Stick to the Same Place – Get Out of your Fear

You can make a good day out of your work. But you can make the best day out of those responsibilities that help you to get rid of your fear. Go for that one. As I talk about the 5 must-do things when you’re in your 20s, this is definitely the one to take note of. You’re full of energy and youth with better health and vision is something you shouldn’t let go of. The more you explore, the better you become as a person.

Now, I’m saying it bluntly without the need to convert it into action to prove it. It is where the fear remains to stick to your whole career plan. You can’t do anything about it at your first move which proves it’s not as easy as it seems. Here’s another question to answer – how to implement and convert what I just said into action?

Mindset comes first when you need to get out of fear. ‘I’m the best’, ‘I have to do it because I love to do it’ are the possible affirmations that we all think about before taking a risk. Ever thought of any notable person like Jack Ma or Steve Jobs? Did they succeed without taking a risk? No. Thus, risk-takers have greater experience than those who don’t take much or especially who fear taking the opportunity.

Taking up risks comes in various forms and has no exceptions. With every small or large risk, you unlock one or more doors of opportunities for yourself. Keep that in mind and start the journey.

5. Have a Note

Make a plan of what you want to do in a day. Having said that, the way you have planned for the whole day can’t go accordingly every time. The significance of creating short day-to-day plans makes you feel sorted like never before. So, just give 15 minutes for yourself either to write down the points or to think about what you want to do in a day.

Coming up with my next blog. For now, keep going, and have a great day.

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