10 ways to Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem

self confidence and self esteem

Building Confidence / Ways to Boost your Confidence / 10 Tips to increase Confidence Level / 10 ways to Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Being confident at workplace is critical for your success. Confidence keeps you motivated and ambitious and it also assists you to conquer your fear and anxiety. Perhaps most significantly, confidence can help you enhance your performance and develop your skills.

What is Self-Confidence – and it’s Importance

Self-confidence is trusting your own judgement and abilities and valuing yourself to feel worthy, regardless of any imperfections or what others may think of you.

Self-efficacy and self-esteem are sometimes used jointly with self-confidence, but they are slightly distinct.

A sense of self-efficacy is enhanced when we see ourselves perfecting skills and attaining goals. This encourages us to assume that, if we learn and work hard in a particular area, we will succeed. It is a type of confidence that leads people to accept difficult challenges and to keep going in the face of setbacks.

Self-esteem in a more general sense, is that we can endure what is going on in our lives and that we have a right to be happy.

Also, self-esteem comes from the perception that the people around us accept us. We may or may not be able to control this and if we sense a lot of critique or rejection from other people, our self-esteem can easily suffer unless we support it in other ways.

self esteem + self efficacy = self confidence

Tips for implementing confidence-building strategies

While working towards developing your work confidence, a few important guidelines can be considered in order to continue on your path to success.

  • Take your time.  Be patient with your progress and professional development plans. Set objectives with a realistic time frame for achieving them and you may also consider using a checklist to track your progress.
  • Be persistent. Change can take time and you may find the need to adjust your goals to reflect any changes in the given situation. However, remaining consistent in your actions and improvement plans can assure that you keep progressing towards building your confidence.
  • Keep developing your mindset. Keep growing to be effective in self-reflection and evaluation, as it sets a base for how you perceive yourself. Facing challenges, overcoming obstacles and praising your successes can influence your confidence positively in the workplace.

Ten Tips to Boost your Confidence

  1. Avoid negative self-talk: Make a habit of avoiding negative self-talk. Be kind and encouraging to yourself rather than ragging yourself for making mistakes. A positive mindset will assist you to learn more easily, which will increase your confidence.
  1. Enhance your knowledge: To be more convinced and definite of what you are doing is to learn more. Increase your knowledge by reading the latest research and articles. Knowing how and why certain practices and processes work can boost confidence in your ability to do them.
  1.  Repeat and learn from mistakes: Practice is the foundation of success. But practice on its own is not sufficient to be confident, one needs to constantly correct and learn from the mistakes. Every time you complete a task, ask yourself how you could better yourself next time.
  1. Build on your strengths: Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Concentrate on what you already do well, and make an attempt to refine your better qualities. It is a great confidence boost to do something immaculately rather than adequately.
  1. Pick up new skills: There is always a scope for improvement and acquiring new skills which will not only enhance proficiency at your job but will also increase confidence. Observe what successful people do and incorporate that in your working style. Participate and attend seminars designed to help you hone your skills and become a better worker.
  1. Be Inquisitive: Don’t be nervous to ask questions when you are not sure of something. Working with half knowledge is certainly not a good way to boost confidence. It’s always suggested not to start a project without fully understanding the brief. Rather than messing it up and lowering your confidence, it’s better to ask for clarification of what precisely is required.
  1. Eliminate negative language: Language has a great impact in developing confidence, don’t limit yourself by the usage of negative words like “I can’t”, “but” etc. Getting effective solutions will boost your confidence greatly. Many people place unnecessary limitations on themselves at work, by using the word “but” in their communication.
  1. Concentrate on your successes: It’s difficult to increase confidence if you are complaining about what you don’t do well. Always remind yourself of all the successful projects and praises to boost confidence in your abilities at work. Recalling successful times at work is a better way to boost confidence instead of constantly focusing on the negatives.

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  1. Act it until you make it: While performing a new task or a novel challenge, it is normal to be under-confident. In a new job, no one is expected to know exactly what is right or wrong and from where to start. But if you have a positive frame of mind and act confidently, you will be surprised how far that will take you. People will trust your capabilities and ability to perform.
  1. Have fun: There is nothing worse for your self-esteem than taking yourself too seriously. Of course, you want to do a good job, but you can also have fun while you’re doing it. Learn to laugh at your setbacks and mistakes, and take criticism with good humor – you’ll be amazed how being more light-hearted boosts your confidence and helps you improve yourself.

Increasing confidence will take commitment and a lot of courage. The intentional actions laid out in this read can help you overcome fear and boost self-confidence. Some of them will work really well together to expand the impact, whilst others will work well in isolation.

Find the best solution for you that works and stick with it.

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