Best HR Skills You Must Have

Best HR Skills

Best HR Skills You Must Have: Irrespective of Whichever Function You Work For

HR skills are universal irrespective of whichever function you work for, or whichever facets of the responsibilities you take care of—only if you know those. Being showing up from the same root, thus I would love to give a throwback on a few of the best skills for my to-be-HR people like you.

Top HR skills to have

Are you ready? Take a quick look.

Best HR Skills You Must Have

To make it better readable, I thought of why not divide the best HR skills into three perspectives as a whole– human-friendly, technology-friendly, and organization-friendly skills respectively.

So here we go!

1. Humanly Skills

HR skills humanly

Or human-friendly type skills depict the characteristics that any HR should possess to survive in this social world. An ideal HR should be reliable, safe, friendly, an avid communicator, a legitimate problem-solver, and a listener as well. Any candidate expects you to be approachable in most terms of issues/complaints. To sum up, here I mention the top three Cs that fall under human-friendly skills—

  1. Creativity: Now this is no surprise as we are in the gen-Z zone and creativity surely drives the peak of everyone’s interest because of its high consumerism. But how HRs can well respond to the creativity burning inside them? The best strategy is to stop saying NO to challenges, involvement in various campaigns, and find ways to sustain productivity in a team rather than following a bunch of gasping Pomodoro materials. That’s not worth it—changing your mindset is where you let your creativity grow with the flow.
  2. Communication: My first question here would be—how approachable you are? Because if you doubt it, you have to stop right there and ponder upon your communication skills. People and even me in my earlier times mistook communication as just a direct means of talking with a person fluently, but it seems we missed out on the most important part. My final submission would be—to speak like a human being.
  3. Collaboration: This seems a more directorial task than a normal HR task where you just need to prep up for interviews, sign for different calendars on different days and that is it, right? Unfortunately or fortunately it is not the case anymore as the days pass by and the work culture is getting more diverse in the way we all have been wanting. Similarly, HR cannot function in one role but in a multitude of roles to keep up with the company’s pace and to be here as an emergency SOS whenever needed, one of which is in demand is collaboration. Understand that the two-way communication system between one candidate and HR is gone, it is better known as circular-vertical collaboration over communication.

This is all about human-friendly skills, coming to the next.

2. Tech-Friendly Skills

Tech Skills for HR professionals

Technical developments are booming rapidly these days no wonder. If you are an HR from a remote team background, you have to be aware of certain ethics of how to get those hiring tasks done—from using all tracking systems on different onboarding platforms to allowing smooth salary transactions without beating yourself up.

Moreover, a skill-based grouping of candidates than just hiring based on their experience is a serious matter of discussion for any large to small companies post-COVID especially to save the economy and welcome better talents, for which HRs alone cannot handle those workloads efficiently but through AI-powered suggestions again to diminish complexness.

The most challenging part doesn’t come when you are backed up with the hands-on prospectus, in that case, it is super flexible. The real challenge comes when you need to sink into the only way of working forever, also in a super agile mode to stay ahead of other HRs.

Keeping relevancy takes time and practice, only then you can be proficient in HR.  Not to mention, how can I forget about the importance of mastering old-school software like Excel sheets and PowerPoint? If you haven’t yet, learn now.

3. Organization-Friendly Skills

These skills, nevertheless of the world situation, are always constant. The organization ethics are more of knowing legal terminologies, leadership, policies maintenance, and analytical development. In general, the HRs here act as a supervisor to operate on these factors monthly or quarterly-wise basis. Let’s discuss each of them for better understanding:

  1. Leadership: These include delivering a basic coaching program for better nurturing of fresher employees i.e., also means you should have a vision of projecting a strong community as well. A strong personality and motivator can do a good job here and works in the favor of binding the company’s assets together at the end of the day.
  2. Legal terminologies: These obviously depend on the geographical location of the company to quickly catch up on any malicious activity in the office. To be an expert detective, you first need to have a glimpse of the company’s legal contracts, the candidate’s detailed profile, and certain country laws applicable to any offense. In short, any HR needs to be ultra-prepared before any illegal crime happens in the company partnership or candidate hiring or whatever you imagine.
Legal Skills HR professionals
  1. Analytical skills: If HR has no interest in the company’s profit and loss, the last dealings, and shares, mean the company cannot also grow up. The psychology here holds is any human resource manager must be good at presenting the company’s net promoter score (NPS), products and testimonials because they’re the first ones whom people would approach to. Hence don’t take this task lightly. Being analytical also involves being compatible with a heavy load of information and compiling them into one single data, with of course the help of technological means.

Apart from all these, the rest includes the basics any HR must be comfortable with such as conducting weekly meetings, cooperating with company policies, and delivering timely results.

To Conclude…

My final submission as an HR myself would be to enable these skills within you as soon as possible but never become solely dependent on them. Keeping a balance and definitive boundaries between each skill is the real HR skill you must have, the rest will be automatically taken care of. Else the time will come when everything will seem like an obstacle rather than a solution-provider.

That is it for today!

Take care and have great days ahead!

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