How to Get a Job After Your Graduation?

job after graduation

How to Get a Job Right After Your Graduation? | How To Find A Job After College? | Tips to land a job after Graduation

How to Get a Job After Graduation?

Job hunting after graduation is worth it if you are determined to know how to get a job right after your graduation. It is an ouroboros process of applying strategies to land in those interview calls, enhance personal branding, and also grow firmer through it.

Whatever you’re thinking right now, just hold on to it as today I’m going to share another bunch of tips and tricks on how to get a job after graduation.

Get into the details of learning more!

Complete Your Profile

Trust me, being an HR head myself, I faced these issues several times, more than I thought. I simply don’t understand the concept of leaving the profile as it is when you can add, edit and make it more viewable, or however you want it to be as per your taste and personality. In return, it will be easier for me and other HRs like me to get on with our hiring process consistently.

My final submission here is to scream your strengths out occasionally via your LinkedIn, Resume, or portfolio. Be ultra-prepared by completing all those formalities—sit back and relax till you get to see the queue of HRs knocking at your profile door.

Have a Growth Mindset Rather Than a Money/Fixed Mindset

Yes I know, you have to support your family, have certain frequent cravings for fancy things, or just be like why not me? But understand the situation in case it’s not too intense, you can’t feed a baby with two spoons.

A growth mindset multiplies your network—the only source of real opportunities. Well having said that a fresher with a growth mindset is not a person who has an I-know-everything attitude. Rather a person with a fixed mindset gets that more often.

When it comes to a money-oriented mindset, you just ought to think about features that have temporary benefits/opportunities. A growth-oriented person tries his best, focus on learnings over earnings, and knows where to stop because they know that their first job does not define them.

Apply, Apply to Some More Companies, and then Apply Again!

One recent statistic says that about 90% of candidates never make it to the final submission of online job applications. The reason is simple from the outside—most of them are unsure about the right resources they must fill in. And in some cases, psychology plays the predominant part and I will like to mention the rate of encouraging impatience over patience.

So what it takes is the last ounce of energy to remain patient to be capable of spot-checking different websites and applying for suitable positions again and again. It works magically if you work on this strategy efficiently.

Have You Ever Cold Emailed?

There I got one such interesting story to share that none of you may have come across. Vatsal Nahata, a recent graduate from Yale University, sent at least 600 emails and 70+ calls for over three months to finally posed as a research analyst at the World Bank.

Coming to his separate strategy, he started cold-emailing the officials since the beginning, obviously leaving a gap between each of those calls to not sound desperate enough, which finally got him to where he is now. The moral of the story besides the importance of how cold emails can play a role in securing a job is your never-give-up power is everything.

Get an Internship

Now is the time!

If nothing, aim for an internship—this is the ultimate saviour of your career. After a handful of experience for certain months, I bet you can easily grab the attention of all HRs who are looking for a so-called one-year of experience in taking a position. This is the secret experience they expect from you—if you know it, you know it.

To Conclude…

These simple strategies are all yours now!

But there are uncertain lessons that neither your school nor your college can teach you to hone your skills, but a mentor to some extent can or your self-exposure can. The truth remains sharp—you have to get through it all by yourself. Thus after-graduation is definitely not a fairy tale, getting a job is a never-ending process, which you have to nurture for a lifetime to be a better self for tomorrow.

That is it for today.

Take care and have great days ahead! For more of me, head on to my Instagram and YouTube 

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