Learn how to Succeed in Your First Job | 9 Tips to Become Successful

skills, passion, value

You made it! You got through the interview process and now you are all set to create an impact in your new job. Proactively, you might have already organized your personal belongings that you would keep on your desk at the office, in order to keep you motivated. Things that energize you as well as things you love to have in front while working.

This is a nice beginning, but it is going to involve a lot more than a bit of desktop motivation to keep your energies up. It would take a lot of hard and smart work, once the responsibility of your new job increases.

After getting one’s dream job, it is critical to consider how to sustain your job and ensure success. To move your career towards the right direction, one should find tasks which you love doing, tasks which take care of your well being and also add value to the organization at the same time. One must find the overlap of the three pillars of Career Success. You must match Passion, Skills and Value.

skills, passion, value

Passion: One can enjoy their work for a longer period of time, only when he/she is motivated intrinsically – when you naturally love what you are doing.  

Skills: To be sustainable in today’s constantly changing environment, one should explore their unique skills, find and implement different effective ways of working. Count on your strengths and capabilities.

Value: If other people do not see value in what you are doing so passionately (i.e., they are not willing to pay you for what you do), finding what is valuable for others and ultimately getting the biggest overlap of the triangle is probably the hardest part of the exercise. It may take some time, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the missing part of the puzzle immediately.

Tips to get success in your First Job:

It is critical to know what helps to succeed at a new job, especially if it is the first job. Implement the following strategies to expedite your success rate at work.

  1. Accept Your Newbie Status. Welcome your new job and embrace the responsibilities that come with it. The younger generation who are joining the corporate world are often considered as being “entitled” and “impatient.”

    Break the stereotype and try not to refuse the routine work, as these tasks assist in building confidence, accountability and lead us to attempt more complex tasks. You will get a lot of opportunities to showcase your talent later, after proving your ability to deliver.
  1. Manage Up.  Building a stable, productive working relationship with your manager is one of the most effective ways to stimulate your success in any organization. Your new manager can either be your biggest barrier or your biggest promoter.

    It is always suggested to understand the expectations of your manager with regards to your work and make those expectations as your priority. Try to figure out and understand the culture of the organization, the working style and preferences of the management. For Instance, Do they love unexpected friendly conversations, or do they prefer a structured conversation via email?
  1. Display A Positive Attitude. Attitude is everything. Keeping a positive attitude at workplace during the initial stage of your career is one of the core traits of successful people. Every organization looks for people with a growth mindset and one who is supportive and enthusiastic towards work. Nothing can wreck your career faster than being described as a complainer who is full of negativity, resistant and not willing to try out new things.
  1. Adopt A Learning Mindset. You are not expected to know everything but all organizations prefer people with a quest for learning. They expect you to be a self-starter and one who takes initiative to learn about existing projects and processes by asking question and doing research. Accept your mistakes and learn from them, so that they are not repeated. Ask for help and clarity when stuck but don’t make it a habit as an employer would be expecting a solution from your end.
  1. Establish A Strong Work Ethic. With work ethics, we mean an employee’s approach towards their work. One with strong work ethics demonstrates how serious the individual is towards the job.

    It is about employees being committed, professional and punctual at work. Drive to deliver quality service & products on time, taking meetings seriously and work on assignments with a positive mindset are some of the key traits. Try to be consistent and accountable at one’s work and build trust.
  1. Respect Culture. Culture defines the organization; it showcases the values and beliefs of people working in the organization and the way they operate to achieve the common goal. It is advisable to respect the culture of the organization, irrespective of the fact that you like it or not. In due course of time, you will gauge whether the culture is a fit for you or not with regards to your belief and also that you as a single employee, cannot change the culture.

    Organizational culture change takes a long time and has to come from the top. So, unless your first job is that of a CEO, you have to figure out how to adapt to the existing culture.
  1. Build Your Network.  Success in your career is linked with your professional network- “who knows you”. Ensure creating your presence in the workplace as soon as possible, introduce yourself to your co-workers within the organization and don’t restrict yourself to only your department. Show inclination in understanding others’ roles apart from yours and know their hierarchy in the company structure.

    Develop network within and outside your organization, connect with experts in your function and attend networking events. Try building relationships that will assist you to progress within the company.
  1. Create A Professional Persona. Your appearance – both virtual and in person is critical for your career growth. These appearances must create an impact and reflect your seriousness towards your job and your organization.

    Observe successful people around you – within your organization and industry and incorporate their positive body language and their dressing style. Introduce yourself virtually in a professional manner by creating a LinkedIn Profile. Restrict the information given on the social media pages, to your educational and professional achievements only. Clean up your online social media images and postings.
  1. Go The Extra Mile. One important thing which every individual in the corporate world should keep in mind is not to restrict your work, think big especially when you are starting your career.

    In reality, employers notice, appreciate and promote employees who work harder as compared to the ones who are restricted to their KRA’s. Get involved and assist colleagues in projects whenever you can, take initiative and work efficiently on what is assigned to you. Label yourself as someone who is a “go-getter.”  Your commitment and dedication to work is always going to be noticed and appreciated.

You have already succeeded in achieving an incredible position after completing your degree. Take this opportunity and with the help of these career tips, launch your career with enthusiasm and zeal.


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