How to Find a Job Quickly in 9 Easy Ways ?

In order to begin your job search and put your best foot forward, here is what you need to know.

Job hunting might not be a pleasant activity for all, but if an individual is well-prepared then the process could turn out to be less stressful and easy. Seeking work is no rocket science but it certainly helps in case you are aware of the critical factors involved in the process, at the outset.


How & Where Can an Individual Find a Job?

Before we master our walk, we all tend to crawl first. Similarly, before we become an expert in job hunting, we must first discover where to search for available job opportunities and how to go about the entire process. As many of us are aware and have experienced, looking for a decent job can be immensely challenging for an individual. So, it is crucial that individuals should first try to recognize the job opportunities and vacancies that are available.

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This Blog will answer your HOW & WHERE” questions:

  1. Write or update your CV: Your Profile/Resume showcases you and highlights your skillset to the prospective employer. It depicts your skills and professional experience and affirms how you can be an asset to the organization.

    Adopt the practice of tailoring your profile to the requirement of the job you are applying for, so that employers know that you have the right skill set and experience that is required for the role. Highlight the transferable skills and emphasize on community work in case you have ever volunteered for it.

    Keep your resume short and sweet with all the relevant information related to the role that the employer is looking for.

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  1. Write online profiles:  Professional networking sites like LinkedIn have become popular with employers. 60% of the hiring managers rely on these platforms to find good candidates and believe in an online search.

    Ensure that you are visible to employers online. Use Social Media Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to boost your professional profile and highlight your skills. Set up your own professional website or Facebook page which is linked to your CV, a short video bio and work- related images can enhance the profile.
  1. Networking: We all are aware that there is a hidden job market and not all of the best jobs are advertised but also filled through referrals from friends, former colleagues, ex-bosses etc.

    Networking strengthens through socializing i.e., via joining professional gatherings, attending college alumni events and getting in touch with other professionals of your field. Be a part of different online sites like LinkedIn which assists you to widen your network by adding friends of friends. Larger your network, higher is the possibility of discovering new opportunities.

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  1. Referrals: Referral bonuses/Incentives are quite often given by many employers for referring a prospective candidate to the company. Such an incentive benefits everyone – employer, employee as well as the candidate. An individual will get a new job; an employee gets a referral fee for attracting candidates to the organization and the employer will get experienced employees without any sourcing hazards.

    So, one should never stop or feel shy from asking a friend for sharing the job openings or referring you for a particular job. The professional relationships you develop at every job may open other doors in the future.
  1. Job Boards and Career Websites:  Till a few years back,Job boards were just limited to a notice board on the wall of employment office for advertising available vacancies for every individual. With the growth in technology Job boards are now in a virtual format and their reach has increased to a larger audience.

    One can also take the help of job search engines and other career-related websites that post job openings, such as,, iimjobs, Timesjobs, Indeed etc.  There are specialized job search sites as well for particular fields, like Dice for tech professionals and Arts Thread for artists.

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  1. Job Fairs:  Job Fairs are a quite old but efficient and simple method for searching jobs and targeting many companies at the same time. These fairs are considered as industry- specific however these days many of the job or recruitment fairs are more generalized.

    Marketing and promotional materials used in such events include a list of the companies that will be part of the fair. List down the companies of your interest and ensure that you drop your resume or business cards in each one of them. Consider any conversations with recruiters as small-interviews that can set you apart from the other applicants.
  1. Company Websites & Cold Calling: If you already know which company is apt for you and you have always dreamt of being a part of it, go directly to the career section of the company’s website. Follow current openings on the website and maybe you will come across the opportunity that you have been looking for since a long time.

    There is a possibility that the current job openings do not have an opening for the role you are particularly interested in. In that case you can try the option of making a cold call to the contact mentioned on the website or upload your resume for future openings. Remember that such kind of contact may not always be well-received.
  1. Headhunters and Recruiters:  These days you have an option of seeking professional help for your Job search; headhunters and recruitment agencies can assist you in this process. Many companies outsource their sourcing/Hiring process and the Headhunters actively recruit individuals to fill specific vacancies for their clients.

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  1. Temping or Internships:  Temporary employment and short-term contracts often usher you towards permanent positions. It is an excellent way to get introduced to the company and in return will, at the least provide you with useful business contacts to call upon in the future. Internships are a great choice for students who are just graduating from college. The job placement services of many institutes provide their students with such opportunities.

    These methods may actually work, but be cautious. Be sure that your creative tactic is appropriate for the industry you’re trying to break into.


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