A Seven-Step Guide to Identify & Evaluate Job Opportunities?

Evaluate Job Opportunities

Evaluate Job Opportunities

You have decided it is time to look for newer opportunities, so what’s next? Where do you begin? This is a big question that most of us try to figure out while looking for jobs. During each job search, be it the first job or even after a few years of experience, the most difficult part is not the interview prep or appearing for the interview but landing an interview or should we say, landing the right interview. Like other things in life, there is no guaranteed way to assure that you are destined to get the ideal job that you want, but you can always try for the best opportunity.


Job Opportunities

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This Blog will answer your WHY & WHAT” questions:

Assessing your past jobs and roles, would be a nice start to the path of discovery. Ponder your thoughts on the following:

  • What have you enjoyed doing the most in the past?
  • What have been your achievements that you are proud of?
  • What are a few things that you do without getting stressed?

Your answers to these questions will assist you to reveal your actual skills and passions. Although the critical point is, what you have done so far may not exactly be what you want to continue doing, going ahead. So, let’s identify and analyze this further:

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  1. Research online about the role: With an open mind, spend some time to go through some of the career stories in the field you would want to pursue, as your opinion on a particular role may differ from the reality. Read lots of varied suggestions and viewpoints that can assist you to identify the hard work associated with a role that you might have not thought of.

    The above information will also assist you to gauge about career progression, average salaries, benefits etc. as they play a significant role in your decision.
  1. Do a Company Health Check: Do a thorough study and ensure that the company and the sector you are planning to move to is in a healthy position. This factor is most critical and especially during the downturn when you are considering various offers. You can check out its ratings and search on the social media platforms to see if there are any financial downfalls that you need to be aware of.

    Keep track of the industries that have particularly experienced losses due to the pandemic or maybe have not been doing well for a while. It will help you to decide in a better and more rational manner.

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  1. Consider your previous skills and experience:  Your previous skills and experience can play a major role in finding your dream job.

    An Individual may not have the requisite qualifications for a particular role but in the current scenario employers and industries are more inclined towards your skills & abilities.  Spend your time developing a list of all the tasks you can complete competently and what are skills required for them. Another method to access your skill set and abilities is to ask your peers about their viewpoint on your capabilities.
  1. Career Path: Securing a new job is always considered a priority for everyone but one should always consider its impact on their long-term career prospects. Avoid taking an impulsive decision when it comes to accepting a job offer as it leads to frequent job-hopping and your résumé becomes littered with several short-lived jobs.

    Always try to pick a job that has the potential of aiding your career progression and it brings you closer to achieving your career goals. Question and analyze yourself whether this job offer has the scope to challenge your existing skills and experience. Will it uncover new experiences for you and allow you to grow?

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  1. Know your worth. : Being in high demand is always beneficial in terms of upgrading your compensation structure. So, understand and prove to your employers about how skilled and experienced you are for the role being considered.

    Do your homework to know the going rate for your job in the market. Research can be done through an online study of reports, surveys by professional organizations and informal networking with fellow professionals.
  1. Do you want more money? : If your expectation from the new job is getting a hike in your salary then look for the jobs that offer higher compensation packages.

    In many instances, a competing offer or switching jobs might be the only way to get a considerable hike in your compensation package. Be cautious before giving the final notice to your current employer in case you are not sure about your decision on changing jobs. Make sure you do not lose your job before you are ready to move on.
  1. Do you need to get more skills? : If your expectation from the new job is learning a new skill then concentrate on the job where skills or knowledge are of more weightage. Then other factors like salary and work culture should not be considered much and your concentration should be on expanding your responsibilities and exploring new avenues.

    Also, look for the courses and training opportunities to attain the right background for your next job. Your employer may even agree to sponsor the course.

Once you are done with assessing your job offer, it is the right time to make your decision.

Some offers are just too good to refuse. The pros outweigh the cons and the new role will provide career progression in the areas that matter to you. If this is the case for you, accepting the job offer might just be the right way to go. Otherwise, you need to go deep into the details of the offer and explore every aspect of it. Only when you are convinced that this is the right move for you, take the next step.


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